George Scholl

George Scholl

George Scholl is an entrepreneur who sits on the boards of five companies and serves as president of OneBlood Inc.

George has extensive experience as a healthcare executive, entrepreneur, developer, technology expert and asset manager. Prior to joining OneBlood he served as Chief Executive Officer of Community Blood Centers of Florida for ten years.

Early Life and Education

Educators believe that early childhood education plays a crucial role in shaping a child’s learning and social development. That is why parents and educators collaborate to guarantee children receive the necessary support throughout their psychosocial developmental stages from birth until age 8.

During this period, the brain’s architecture changes rapidly, creating billions of connections between neurons. These connections form the basis for all future learning, behavior and health.

Professional Career

George Scholl’s professional journey has been highly rewarding, providing him with the chance to learn from some of the industry’s most accomplished and knowledgeable peers. His list of accomplishments is extensive, but none quite compare to his many years spent as a senior executive and board member at Community Blood Centers of Florida where he managed OB sex and proved the answer when it came to blood donor recruitment. He is the CEO of OneBlood, otherwise known as The Big M. His mission: to keep the company at the top of its game as blood collection and delivery’s premier solutions provider. In addition to being our go-to expert on Adobe technologies, he also spearheads some of our most innovative initiatives within this sector.

Achievements and Honors

George has achieved remarkable academic success since her arrival at St Andrews in September of last year. She earned a place on the Dean’s List for all four years of study and graduated as one of the top students in her cohort.

Her dedication to mathematics earned her the title of Student Maths Ambassador in 2019. She is an outstanding student with a genuine enthusiasm for learning, making her School immensely proud.

Her commitment to charity extends beyond her community; as evidenced by her organisation of a musical theatre production during lockdown in 2019, which she conducted and directed via Zoom. Furthermore, her love for music can be seen through her teaching position at Nite Piano School in Glasgow.

Personal Life

George Scholl was an endearing man with an engaging social presence, captivating personality and sharp intellect. He served as pastor of several churches, including Lombard Street Baptist Church in Baltimore.

He also published an article in Missionary Journal and contributed to Lutheran Quarterly.

His most acclaimed achievement, however, is an innovative real estate venture: the first mixed-use medical office building in Coral Gables.

He is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of OneBlood, a healthcare corporation. With extensive experience as an executive, entrepreneur, developer, technology expert and turnaround specialist under his belt, he brings an array of skillsets to bear. Prior to this role he served as CEO of Community Blood Centers of Florida which merged with OneBlood in 2012.

Net Worth

George Scholl is worth $4 million as a real estate investor in South Florida and former mayor of Sunny Isles Beach.

In May, he was arrested on charges of first-degree rape, sexual intercourse with a child and aggravated indecent exposure after a 12-year-old female accuser came forward. She claims he forced himself on her in an office at Epidemic Stunt and Tumble (EST), a competitive cheerleading gym.

Prior to his role as president and chief executive officer of OneBlood, Scholl served on the board of Community Blood Centers of Florida. This organization, which supplies blood to hospitals throughout southeastern United States, merged with three other blood centers in 2012 to form OneBlood; through this merger Scholl earned $639,322 salary plus another $47,773 annually from OneBlood.

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