George Service

George Service

George is an accomplished leader who drives high value in technology and service businesses. With more than 25 years of experience growing global software and services companies, George is well-positioned to create lasting impact for his clients.

He oversees Fiserv’s enterprise business, offering strategic networking, managed services, business communications, cybersecurity and infrastructure management solutions. A hands-on executive who motivates his employees with loyalty and results while cultivating a culture of integrity, openness and opportunity.

Early Life and Education

George was raised in the years immediately following emancipation, in a society where racism and discrimination severely limited educational opportunities for African Americans. During his first year of life, George endured a traumatic ordeal and contracted whooping cough that nearly resulted in his death.

He had to overcome segregation, which required him to attend a school separate from his neighbors in Neosho. Thankfully, Mariah Watkins took in George and provided him with an education.

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Professional Career

George’s has been one of the ten largest and oldest family businesses in America for over 110 years, earning it numerous accolades such as being the largest poultry enterprise in America and being recognized as one of America’s best employers.

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Achievements and Honors

George has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to service throughout his time at Cornell. He founded and served on the editorial board for PawPrint (now Staff News), earning himself several honors for his leadership role in campus self-governance initiatives.

He was an active participant in Freemasonry at both the local and state levels, as well as serving as Grand Historian for the Masonic Order of New York. Additionally, he contributed numerous articles to various Masonic publications.

George was honored with a variety of awards for his service to Cornell and its community, including a Distinguished Alumni Award, GW President’s Scholarship and Distinguished Teaching Award. Additionally, he served on the Cornell Employee-Elected Trustee Board for five terms.

Personal Life

George was born and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia and developed an interest in natural sciences. He had a natural talent for shooting pool and had an aptitude for mathematics.

He likely assisted his mother in managing the family plantation as a young boy, and he likely learned much about surveying from his grandfather.

His interests ranged from music and reading, but his greatest fame came from his role as a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. As one of their leaders, despite having a smallpox scar, he managed to survive to tell the tale.

Net Worth

George Service is a certified public accountant (CPA) who provides clients with tax planning and structuring, partnership contributions and distributions, charitable giving planning and investment strategy. He frequently lectures for Financial Research Associates (FRA) and the New York State Society of CPAs on these topics.

George has a net worth of $57.2 million dollars as of 10 May 2021. He owns over 5,000 units of J.B. Hunt Transport Services stock and has made 13 trades since 2008. In addition, George makes $249,931 as Independent Director at J.B. Hunt Transport Services; his largest trade was selling 271,000 shares in July 2008 for $9,940,280. On average his trading volume has been 14,647 units every 104 days since 2008. Get notified when George buys or sells stock today!

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