George & Vivian

George & Vivian Are a Wealthy Couple

Early Life and Education

The couple was born in Honduras and moved to California with their mother to pursue a better life. Determined to succeed, they made the most of every opportunity that came their way.

Vivian began her career teaching young people from difficult circumstances. Her dedication and enthusiasm for education propelled her to become an exemplary educator.

She has been teaching and longshoring for over two decades, bringing her extensive expertise to both the classroom and jobsite. She strongly believes in equipping students and teachers with knowledge, empowering workers, and inspiring communities.

Professional Career

Vivian was a speech therapist at UCLA who provided assistance to people who stutter or have aphasia. Her knowledge and commitment were unsurpassed in this profession.

George also worked in the legal profession. She became a lawyer and practiced law out of Suburban Trust building until her retirement in 1980.

George’s professional career was driven by her desire to serve her clients and the community, which is evident in her many honors and awards. Survived by her husband Herbert, children Gail Waters and Meredith Pixley, as well as nine grandchildren and great-grandchildren, George enjoyed playing golf alongside Amy her rescued golden retriever. Additionally, she belonged to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Durham, NC where she enjoyed attending services regularly.

Achievements and Honors

Vivian and her husband Dale were active members of their community while living in Santa Barbara. She taught Sunday school, led Cub Scouts for her son Vaughn and Girl Scouts for Dale, volunteered at both Carriage Museum and Old Spanish Days Fiesta events, and organized fundraising drives for local causes.

George and Vivian also worked to save the Thomas Hope House, built in 1875, which had been condemned by the county but saved by them. Now a county historical landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this home stands as testament to their perseverance.

The College awards honors to students in three categories (cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude) among the top 25 percent of graduating classes. These distinctions are officially noted on each graduate’s diploma and transcript for October and February graduates.

Personal Life

George & Vivian were passionate about their community. They worked to instill pride and self-worth among those they worked with, offering their support when needed most.

They had a variety of interests, such as sports, gardening with purple flowers and traveling. Most importantly, they loved spending time with their friends, family members and pet chicken Asta.

They were deeply connected to their children and grandchildren, often accompanying them on trips where they shared stories of their adventures together. Eventually, the couple retired to Hawaii where the love between them and their children kept them strong throughout life. Both provided endless joy and inspiration to those close to them – a source of strength that endures today.

Net Worth

George and Vivian are two people who don’t hesitate to flaunt their wealth. Reports estimate their combined net worth at over $2 million, despite both working as journalists with salaries below average.

Vivian was a British actress and singer-dancer who appeared in numerous movies and TV shows. She also sang and danced professionally.

She was born on October 21st 1931 in England.

Her estimated net worth, as of 2019, has been estimated to be between $1-5 Million according to various online sources.

Vivian and her son George reside in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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