George Washington

George Washington Carver Dies at 91

On Saturday, The Duke of Cambridge and Prince George enjoyed a special day. As they took part in a polo match at Cirencester in England, George was seen watching his dad compete while gazing upon the action from the sidelines.

On Sunday, they followed in their mother Kate Middleton’s footsteps at her funeral. Prince William and Princess Charlotte, the children’s older siblings, joined them as well.

Early Life and Education

George Washington Carver received little formal education as a child, growing up during segregation and facing racism and discrimination all of his life.

He learned to survive by adapting and learning from his experiences. Additionally, he developed an inner drive that enabled him to push through hardships and reach his objectives.

Growing up, George met two influential people that would shape his future. Mariah Watkins took in George as an orphan and provided him with a quality education, motivating him to learn all that he could and then give back to his community. Additionally, George’s father taught him how to read and write as well as how to construct optical instruments.

Professional Career

George has been employed at his college for over 25 years, and he’s always willing to assist colleagues when necessary. George truly makes for a wonderful colleague to have around!

Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to raising money for the National Health Service and is currently walking for Children in Need.

He has also been an active participant in his community, walking miles to raise money for the club.

He was an invaluable asset to the club during its time in the Football League and is now focused on his next project – creating both a TV series and film. Excited about it all, he hopes it becomes reality soon!

Personal Life

George was an incredibly sociable individual, often helping others out. He had a deep-seated interest in conservation and John Muir, as well as being an admirer of classical music.

George was known for his many walks throughout life. He enjoyed taking solo walks or attending church services where he would showcase his musical abilities.

George was an enthusiastic hiker and outdoors enthusiast. He also had a generous spirit towards those he encountered, and despised wastefulness.

Net Worth

George Clooney is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, having made an indelible mark with roles in films like ER and Ocean’s Thirteen. As both an actor and social activist, Clooney continues to leave a lasting legacy.

He’s an enthusiastic supporter of charities and philanthropist, with an estimated net worth around $600 million.

His wealth is generated through his acting career, investments and a large bank account. Additionally, he owns a mansion in Los Angeles and has a family of five children.

Before two years ago, Santos claimed no major assets or salary. Two years later he boasted a seven-figure salary and millions in dividends – yet refused to explain where that money came from, even after lending $700,000 towards his own campaign.

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