George Zeckler

George Zeckler

Biographer Philip Ziegler has made a superb and sensitive portrait of George VI, a reluctant public figure and the private man. A brilliant, touching and sometimes funny account of one of Britain’s most celebrated rulers. Part of Penguin Monarchs, a series of short, fresh and expert accounts of England’s monarchs.

Early Life and Education

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Achievements and Honors

When George Zeckler’s Yorkshire Terrier Rocky went missing while he was on vacation in Maryland, he and his wife were heartbroken. But, thanks to the efforts of their Jefferson community, Rocky was found and reunited with his family.

Ziegler is a celebrated British biographer, best known for his acclaimed biography of King George VI. The book is part of the Penguin Monarchs series and is a fascinating, poignant, sometimes funny account of the reluctant king and his private man.

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Personal Life

Aside from his service career, George Zeckler is a true family man. He has a supportive wife and two kids who help make the Zeckler household a happy one. He is also a proud Army veteran with 15 years of service under his belt.

Aside from his military and academic credentials, Zeckler has also forged a reputation as a philanthropist. He is a major supporter of the arts and sports, with many charitable donations to his name. He has also been a big proponent of science and technology, often using his money to promote scientific research and public awareness. He has also volunteered to teach at local science museums and aspires to become an author. He cites his earliest memories of learning about science and technology as being the most enlightening experiences.

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