George Zelenz

George Zelenz

George Zelenz is a composer who has written a number of pieces for various musical ensembles. His music has been performed and broadcast internationally.

He has also done work in animation, composing for The Lion King and several episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures. One episode was nominated for a Daytime Emmy.

Professional Career

George has a chaotic professional life, which involves a large number of short-lived jobs (mainly in sales) and several embarrassing blunders. He is often fired from his positions after making a major mistake, and his work history is dotted with deceptions to gain some sort of advantage or perceived image of success.

He is also prone to time commitment phobia, which leads him to attempt to weasel out of his relationship with Susan Ross without having to actually break up. When her parents ask him to be on the board of directors of a charitable organization, George refuses, as it’s not something he believes in and doesn’t want to deal with his anxiety over commitment. When Susan dies, he doesn’t react to the news in any way.

Achievements and Honors

Zelenz has been recognized for his accomplishments in the field of music and arts. His compositions have won numerous awards, and he has performed and lectured at national and international levels. In addition to his musical endeavors, he is a fine woodworker and painter. He is also a self-taught musician and has composed music for many of his creations. He has also written the music for a PBS documentary about international glass artist Dale Chihuly. He was awarded the prestigious title of honorary scholar by the George Eastman Museum for his work in the arts.

Zelenz was among six GW graduates to be honored at the university’s 78th annual Alumni Achievement Award reception, which kicked off this weekend’s eighth annual Alumni Weekend celebration. Other honorees were Alan Burgess, M.S. ’74; Lawrence Deyton, M.D. ’85; Gerardo Lopez, B.B.A. ’80; Mark Plotkin, B.A. ’69; and the star of this page, the CEO of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Neil Portnow.

Personal Life

George was a mild-mannered comedian who made a name for himself on the old TV talk show circuit. His wry, non-threatening style of comedy and the cracker-barrel warmth he gave to his characters made him an ideal performer for television.

His first appearance on a talk show was on “The Bill Slater Show” in 1950 and he quickly made his way to the nightclub, hotel and county fair circuits as well. In addition to stand-up, he also appeared in several TV movies and was a regular on the “Hollywood Squares” game show. He later made a comeback on the late 1960’s talk show circuit, replacing Johnny Carson as a guest on his popular night time talk show. He also starred in the backwoods comedy Ellie (1984). His career eventually took off when he replaced Cliff Arquette on the “Benny and Barney” show in 1974.

Net Worth

George zelenz has a net worth of $41 million. Most of his wealth comes from oil and gas assets, including the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based company Kaiser-Francis Oil and a majority stake in publicly traded BOK Financial.

He also owns stakes in two pipeline systems and holds most of Excelerate Energy, a publicly traded LNG company. He is the sole owner of these companies, according to legal disclosures.

The Net Worth Method can be a helpful tool in forensic accounting investigations, although it must be used carefully to avoid a defense called “hoarding” (target claims that he had large sums of money at the beginning of the investigation that were not included in the calculation). It is important to get target to stipulate as to his assets, and to include gifts received during the period of investigation as part of the income portion of the Net Worth Method computation.

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