George Zoumberos

George Zoumberos

George Zoumberos is an American ex-DEA agent and former team member who traveled the world to investigate money laundering tied to cartels. He and other former team members have pleaded guilty in connection with a massive money-laundering scheme.

Irizarry told AP that Zoumberos had “unfettered access” to so-called commission funds and used them improperly for personal purchases and trips abroad, using names of people who don’t exist in DEA reports as justification. Authorities are so intent on prosecuting Zoumberos that they subpoenaed his brother – a Florida wedding photographer who also traveled with DEA agents – and granted him immunity in order to induce cooperation.

Early Life and Education

George Zoumberos was raised in a luxurious Miami suburb and attended the University of Florida. During his time there, he earned a doctorate in education with an additional minor in sociology at Teachers College, Columbia University – where he also discovered an aptitude for math. Unfortunately, while serving on duty in Cuba he tragically passed away from a heart attack; leaving behind many to mourn his loss. It has been said that George helped bring about the Cuban Missile Crisis which earned him recognition as “the father of modern policing” within US law enforcement circles.

Professional Career

George Zoumberos was a former DEA agent who traveled the world to investigate cartel-linked money laundering. He worked closely with DEA special agent John Irizarry and reported that Zoumberos enjoyed “unfettered access” to commission funds but improperly used them for personal purchases and unwarranted trips. According to Irizarry, Zoumberos and others made up names in DEA reports in order to justify their excesses, such as visits to find prostitutes or follow Real Madrid soccer games.

Irizarry is currently under investigation for his alleged corruption, yet Zoumberos remains an agent despite being arrested and briefly detained in 2018 on sexual assault allegations. He resigned in late 2019 after being stripped of his gun, badge, and security clearance due to exercising his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

Achievements and Honors

George Zoumberos is an Emory University alumnus renowned in the infectious diseases field. He has earned recognition for his work on vaccine development and antimicrobial resistance, as well as being named a Fellow of the Infectious Diseases Society of America, which honors physicians and scientists for their achievements within this field.

He was previously employed by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), where he served on its elite Group 4 team that investigated cartel-linked money laundering. Irizarry revealed to The Associated Press that Zoumberos had “unfettered access” to commission funds used for investigations of drug traffickers; these funds also funded personal purchases and unauthorized trips. Unfortunately, Zoumberos has since resigned from his post after being stripped of his gun, badge and security clearance after refusing to testify against Irizarry when asked by a federal grand jury in Tampa.

Personal Life

George Zoumberos has always had a close bond with his family, particularly his brother Angelo. They make an excellent pair and enjoy ranching, hiking and working out together.

The DEA has focused its money laundering investigation on one of Irizarry’s former partners, George Zoumberos. Irizarry told the Associated Press that Zoumberos had “unfettered access” to so-called commission funds and improperly used them for personal purchases and unwarranted trips abroad.

Zoumberos has refused to testify and has been jailed outside Tampa since March for what the DEA refers to as ‘civil contempt’ – an unusual pressure tactic that underscores the rising intensity of their investigation. His brother Michael Zoumberos, a Florida wedding photographer, also refuses to cooperate.

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