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Naveen Andrews

At 16, he ran away to live with Geraldine Feakins, 14 years his senior. Their relationship lasted until 1991, during which time they had Jaisal as their son.

He later began dating actress Barbara Hershey after meeting her on the set of the independent American film Drowning on Dry Land, but eventually separated in 2005; during their separation he fathered a child with Czech-French actress Elena Eustache.

Early Life and Education

Naveen Andrews was born in Lambeth, London to a Methodist family. However, during his childhood years he experienced some form of repression that eventually drove him away from home seeking peace elsewhere.

His first love was Geraldine Feakins, his mathematics teacher from 1985-1991 who later gave birth to their son Jaisal.

Barbara Hershey was 21 years older than him and resided in Los Angeles. They briefly separated in 2005 during which he fathered a child with Czech-French actress Elena Eustache; later however they reconciled.

He is currently single and dedicated to raising his son. Known for his roles on Lost and Sense8, his acting career has garnered him many industry admirers and awards.

Professional Career

Nirmala and Stanley Andrews wanted their son Naveen Andrews to pursue an honorable profession and discouraged his desire to be an actor. At 16, his relationship with Geraldine Feakins from Emanuel School Battersea started blossoming into something more.

They shared a seven year romance that resulted in Jaisal being born. Following their separation in 1991, Jaisal’s father launched his acting career.

He has appeared in various films, television series, and video games; winning several awards including Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy nominations for his portrayal of Sayid Jarrah on Lost (for which he also received multiple other nominations). Furthermore, he starred as the lead in two BBC miniseries (‘The Buddha of Suburbia’ and ‘The English Patient”) while providing voiceover services for several other films and TV series.

Achievement and Honors

Naveen Andrews caused quite the stir at South London’s Emanuel School at age 16 by initiating a relationship with Geraldine Feakins, his mathematics teacher. Although Geraldine Feakins was married at the time, they still managed to have one son together before ultimately divorcing seven years later. Later he attended Earlsfield Junior School before enrolling at Guildhall School of Music and Drama before appearing in 1999 independent film Drowning on Dry Land with actress Barbara Hershey and living together until 2009 before parting ways temporarily before eventually divorce occurred when Barbara Hershey took on role while fathering another child from Elena Eustache.

Personal Life

As a teenager, actor Kevin Spacey made headlines for his dramatic personal life. After leaving home and initiating an affair with Geraldine Feakins (14 years older than him), who had an affair with another student of Geraldine Feakins’. Their affair led to Jaisal being born and their parents shunned him upon learning of this outcome; both passed away without ever reconciling with their son again.

Later, Feakins continued dating actress Barbara Hershey in Los Angeles for nearly 20 years until they briefly parted ways in 2005. While they were together he fathered Naveen with Czech-French actress Elena Eustache; after becoming sole custody in 2006 he adopted him and took sole custody. Additionally he fathered Jaisal from Feakins with whom he shared an on-off relationship that lasted between 1985-1991; Feakins is now widow.

Net Worth

Naveen Andrews’ mother, Geraldine Feakins is a teacher by profession and lives with Jaisal, whom they both share together. Geraldine weighs moderately; however her age remains unstated.

He was attending Emanuel School when he met Geraldine Feakins, his math instructor and fell deeply in love. Although 30 years older than he, Geraldine allowed him to move in with her, eventually giving birth seven years later.

After her relationship with Andrews ended in 1991, she went on to have a child with actress Barbara Hershey beginning in 1998 in Los Angeles. However, they separated in 2005 during which time she fathered a daughter with Czech-French actress Elena Eustache.

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