Gizelle Bryant Worst Outfits

Gizelle Bryant Worst Outfits of All Time

Despite its tumultuous history, the Real Housewives of Potomac have managed to out-fashion their predecessors in the fashion department. In fact, the cast has won some of the biggest fashion awards in the industry. While they may not have the budget to compete with the likes of LVMH and Chanel, they certainly know how to dress. And if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s the desire to make the show a success. They’ve managed to do so in part by keeping a close eye on the style guidebook. The cast has been spotted sporting the sexiest looks in the biz at various times of the year, with some rumored to be wearing the most sexiest outfits on record.

While the latest edition of the show hasn’t exactly rewritten the rulebook, there have been plenty of high-profile moments of madness. This is not to mention the numerous episodes of sex drama that have plagued the cast in the past. On the flip side, we have seen some of the best performances from the likes of Gizelle, Karen and Tamera. While we’re at it, we’ve had a few good ol’ fashioned brawls that were the stuff of legends. And if you’ve watched the show, you’ve probably caught sight of the infamous sex-smashing debacle involving the show’s co-creator, Monique.

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