Guo New Voice Piccolo

New Voice Piccolo by Guo

The New Voice piccolo is the latest innovation from the Guo brand. The revolutionary materials used in its construction make it a reliable instrument suitable for all playing conditions. This new piccolo is also easy to clean, which means less maintenance. As a bonus, the piccolo is available in seven different colors.

The New Voice piccolo is a serious instrument, but it’s still affordable. It retains the tonal quality of a wood piccolo, but it weighs less. This makes it easier to transport and use in concert halls. It’s also more comfortable to play than metal instruments.

Made of high-grade polymers, the New Voice piccolo is lightweight and resistant to humidity and temperature changes. As a result, it can be used both in concert halls and in outdoor settings. It’s also comfortable to hold, and its sound is similar to that of a wooden piccolo.

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