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Is Guy Fieri Really Violent J of Insane Clown Posse?

Whether or not celebrity chef Guy Fieri is actually Violent J of Insane Clown Posse, or if the two are in fact the same person, has been the subject of numerous Internet jokes over the years. Although the three celebrities share a lot of physical similarities, it is possible that there are a lot of differences as well. For instance, while all of the celebrities have spiked hair, none of them are lactose intolerant.

Another similarity between the three celebrities is that they all wear short-sleeved button up shirts. Additionally, the men all have a penchant for speed-dealer sunglasses. They also all seem to be a little bit frat boy douche.

Interestingly, Steve Harwell, the lead singer of Smash Mouth, has an uncanny resemblance to Guy Fieri. This is especially evident in their facial features. Their faces are painted a similar color, and both men have peroxided hair.

When both of the celebrities first appeared together, they were seen on the show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. In fact, Fieri and Harwell have both been spotted in the same room several times. One of the most recent occurrences was when someone on the Internet dared them to eat a huge amount of eggs for charity. Despite this, neither of the celebrities has ever been photographed with Violent J.

While there is no proof yet that Violent J and Fieri are the same person, there is plenty of evidence that the two are actually clones of each other. After all, the two are fans of early 2000s hairstyles. The three men all have a penchant for speed-dealer glasses, and they all have short-sleeved button ups. In addition, both men have had an extensive career in similar fields. They both have written cookbooks, and their book is essentially a reprint of Guy Fieri’s Food Network show.

In addition to the two famous chefs, there are two other musicians who are considered to be the same person. The first is Violent J of Insane Colloon Posse. During their time as hip hop duo, they have gathered a large fan base known as Juggalos. They are also a notorious group for spraying soft drinks at crowds. They also have their own brand of wrestling apparel, which is called Hatchetgear.

The third famous celebrity is comedian and actor Michael Symon. He starred on the Food Network game show, and paraded himself around as a cooking expert. However, he has no real friends. He dresses like a member of /v/ and drives a convertible. In addition, he has an obnoxious way of talking.

So, if you think that the three men are actually the same person, please consider contacting the three of them to have them photographed. Then, if they really are the same, the Internet can officially have its first-ever picture of Violent J and Guy Fieri. It could be the start of an instant classic. But in the meantime, we at Exclaim wish them all a happy Monday.

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