Haley Reed New Auburn Wi

Haley Reed – 16 Years Old When She Was Killed

Location: new auburn wi

Haley Reed was a sixteen-year-old high school student from New Auburn, Wisconsin. She was a self-taught seamstress and loved playing sports. She was also interested in music and crocheting. She was also a bear and deer hunter. When she was killed, she was beginning her junior year at New Auburn High School. Although Reed was a self-taught seamstress, she also enjoyed listening to music, crocheting, and hunting.

Occupation: self-taught seamstress

Hailey Reed was 16 years old when she passed away. She was a self-taught seamstress and had just started her junior year of high school in New Auburn, Wisconsin. Her interests included sewing, crocheting, and listening to music. She also enjoyed hunting deer and bear. Before she passed away, she was planning on pursuing a career as a fashion designer.

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