Henry Aster

Henry Aster

The Purple Henry aster is an exquisite wildflower that thrives in cool temperatures, attracts pollinators and provides vibrant summer and fall displays. Additionally, this plant makes an excellent filler plant when combined in container combinations of both thriller and filler plants.

Aster flowers are relatively low-feeders and benefit from using a slow-release, balanced fertilizer when planting them. Regular watering is important in dry weather.

Early Life and Education

Aster started his filmmaking career by writing and directing a series of short films, which earned him admission into AFI Conservatory’s graduate directing program. Later partnering with college classmates on collaborative shorts projects.

Aster wrote and directed Beau Is Afraid in 2021, featuring Joaquin Phoenix and Florence Pugh as protagonists on an anxiety-ridden middle-aged man’s surreal adventure. The film received excellent reviews from critics while grossing over $10 Million at box offices worldwide.

Though most asters require full sunlight, heath aster (Symphyotrichum ericoides; previously Aster ericoides) does well in partial shade environments. Look out for it in late summer or early fall at Buehler Enabling Garden and Farwell Landscape Gardens.

Professional Career

Henry has worked as a fire ecologist in Bryce Canyon National Park, Great Basin National Park and Colorado Plateau National Parks as well as being employed as natural resource management specialist and non-native vegetation control specialist for Utah state. Additionally he enjoys traveling, roller coasters and kayaking.

Snow College awarded him his M.S. and Utah State University awarded him his M.A. There, he studied under Dr. Bassett Maguire before finding employment with the NYBG and Henry Gleason (with whom he collaborated on many publications including New York Flora).

Asters are perennial plants that produce small, vibrantly-hued daisy-like blooms from late summer to fall. Hardy and supportive of fall pollinators, the New England and New York varieties are particularly popular varieties of Aster.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Aster has made significant advances in our understanding of immune diseases that impact blood cells, specifically platelets. His work has yielded over 350 peer-reviewed articles and served as mentor for numerous students and trainees; moreover, this has lead to improvements in platelet transfusion, selection of unrelated bone marrow donors and diagnosing drug-induced thrombocytopenia.

He has also shown considerable talent as a director and producer of short films; The Strange Thing About the Johnsons (2011) garnering critical acclaim and appearing at various film festivals worldwide.

Henry County Medical Center’s Marketing Department was honored with two Gold Awards in the 2016 Aster Awards competition – one of the nation’s premier healthcare advertising competitions – at Henry County Medical Center’s Marketing Department won for their Total Joint Replacement patient education books and Ladies Night Out Sip & Paint events.

Personal Life

Peter and she would enjoy golfing during the summers; she joined both Quilchena and Richmond Country Clubs where she made many friends and acquaintances; she also enjoyed skiing Grouse Mountain and Whistler.

Over their career, she and her husband would open five drugstores. She was very proud of herself for running and managing all these stores solo, especially being so successful at it all.

She and her husband enjoyed taking their young family skiing often, taking great pleasure in helping teach their young ones the sport. She was an exceptional skier who loved teaching her children the ropes; a lifelong champion of this activity who also loved swimming and tennis as hobbies; in her church choir where she sang regularly!

Net worth

Henry is an active supporter of various charities, such as the Prince’s Trust. He has participated in charity football matches as well as commercial ventures including appearing alongside Ronaldo and Luis Suarez for Beats By Dre productions.

As Belgium assistant manager under Roberto Martinez, he donated his salary to charity rather than taking it home himself. Furthermore, he served as an ambassador for anti-racism campaign Stand Up, Speak Up.

Florence Pugh has quickly established herself as a rising star in Hollywood since the success of Fighting With My Family and her turn as Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women. A fixture on awards circuit, Pugh is fast becoming a household name.

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