Henry Ault

Henry Ault

As Ault created his signature style that combined primitive and romantic influences, his artistic influences broadened. These ranged from his previous conservative training that dominated his earlier works to modernist strategies he was more open to incorporating.

Ault first began exhibiting with the Society of American Artists and at sympathetic galleries such as Stephan Bourgeois’ New Art Circle. His cityscapes and landscapes often conjured images reduced to their structural components.

Early Life and Education

Early in his career, Ault was beset with personal tragedy: His mother died in an asylum for mental illness while three of his brothers committed suicide, leaving a financial and psychological mess behind them. Additionally, he struggled with alcoholism before experiencing professional stagnation by 1930.

At this point, he began publishing political pamphlets and working as a U.S. Marshal in Tacoma, Washington. Additionally, he collected books about African societies and politics as well as being heavily involved with Washington State labor politics.

Though often associated with Precisionist painters Charles Demuth and Ralston Crawford, Ault’s works never idealized industrial machinery or urban landscapes – they instead exuded psychic distress reminiscent of Giorgio de Chirico and Albert Pinkham Ryder.

Professional Career

As manager-editor of the Seattle Union Record, Ault was immersed in Washington State labor politics. His collection contains business records, legal documents, correspondence, questionnaires, lists, minutes and political pamphlets.

His involvement in the socialist newspaper movement eventually led him to join the Wage Worker Party, later to be integrated into the Socialist Party of America (SPA). At a 1909 State Convention where left-wing delegates attempted to break away, Ault remained within the moderate delegation and refused to follow them out of SPA altogether.

Ault also embarked upon his artistic career with solo exhibitions at J.B. Neumann Galleries and Downtown Gallery in New York City, drawing inspiration from modernist rediscoveries of indigenous primitive art while his graphic style suggested simplified forms.

Achievement and Honors

Ault earned three varsity letters for cross country and track at Michigan State, playing an instrumental role on their Bears team that finished second at their conference meet in 1974. He set school marks in both mile and 3-mile run events at MSU before competing at NCAA Division II championships where he finished third.

He supported himself through gardening, fishing, blacksmithing and working as a machinist. In 1909 he was involved with the split of the Washington Socialist Party (SPA), between Hermon Titus’ radical left wing faction and moderate State Convention factions.

Reid and Ault kept in touch throughout their friendship and would speak occasionally. Following Nevada’s huge win against Boise State in 2010, Reid read out a Senate floor proclamation honoring Ault and his Wolf Pack.

Personal Life

Ault had an unstable family life, with his mother’s death and subsequent deaths of three brothers having psychological and physical consequences that contributed to neurotic and reclusive behavior later in life. By 1920s he had become a heavy drinker; social and business circles started avoiding him as they saw fit.

In 1912 he finally achieved his lifelong ambition of running a labor newspaper when the Central Labor Council appointed him editor of its weekly organ, Seattle Union Record. He continued his involvement with socialist causes by participating in debates and organizing local socialist groups; additionally he exhibited his work at supportive galleries such as Stephan Bourgeois’ Downtown Gallery and J. B. Neumann’s New Art Circle where its simplistic forms suggested links with primitive folk art he collected himself.

Net worth

Henry founded AK ventures with Joey in 2015, and currently manages special projects at Bolt, an innovative payments platform. At Bolt he has performed investment due diligence, community management and software engineering services; as well as overseen one of the initial token crowdsales.

Henry prefers an inconspicuous and discreet lifestyle, keeping information regarding his family out of the media’s eyes. Furthermore, no information on any children has ever been reported by henry himself.

No information has yet been made public regarding his marital or romantic relationships, though it is suspected he has one. He appears to be of normal stature and weighs roughly 100 pounds; information regarding his height and other body measurements have yet to become public knowledge. As an American national with white nationality, no birth date information is currently available either.

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