Henry Brogan

Henry Brogan (Movie Review)

Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is an exhausted assassin with 72 kills to his name. However, Clay Varris (Clive Owen), head of GEMINI secret government agency is refusing to let him retire peacefully.

Henry locates and shoots his intended victim on a train, yet soon discovers a younger version of himself hunting him down.

Early Life and Education

Sharpshooter Henry Brogan (Will Smith), having completed 72 kills without incident for the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), prepares to retire when black ops freelancer Clay Verris (Clive Owen) and Janet Lassiter (Linda Emond) plan on killing him for unknown motives. Even with rookie agent Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) overseeing him, Henry manages to escape and head toward Colombia without incident.

While in Hawaii, Henry attempts to discover why Clay, director of GEMINI military company, is following him. Clay had created a younger version of Henry named Junior whom he has treated like his own son and grown emotionally attached to, leading them into a battle of wills between themselves.

Professional Career

After successfully completing his 72nd hit job, elite hitman Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is eager to retire – only the DIA won’t let him. While planning his exit strategy he finds himself being pursued by an even deadlier operative: an identical young version of himself who pursues him relentlessly.

How Yuri managed to effortlessly follow Henry as he fled from the hit team isn’t clearly explained; however it appears as if either he had access to their tracking chip or managed to hack their systems. Later when Junior meets up with him in Budapest, he reveals that Henry murdered one of their scientists working on GEMINI project;

He claims he wanted more like him and that the man he killed was being used as an experiment subject for GEMINI.

Achievement and Honors

BLT Communications released the initial poster, depicting both older and younger Henry looking directly at each other and staring each other down, signalling to viewers that this film would involve an epic battle between an assassin and his own clone.

On the run from his former employer, Henry finds himself pursued by an evil copy of himself who also acts as an assassin. While managing to escape death squads sent by them and discover that both Jack and his spotter have been murdered.

He later meets boat rental manager Danny and becomes friends; together they form an unlikely partnership and travel to Budapest where he discovers that the man he killed on the train was actually an attempt by GEMINI scientist to escape after discovering an effective means to create clones without suffering or emotion.

Personal Life

Henry Brogan is one of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s deadliest assassins, but after one final hit decides to retire. While conducting that mission he encounters his younger self which chases after him. With their help he manages to escape death squads while warning Danny Zakarweski (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

Henry meets Dani, whom he suspects of working for the DIA and following him around. She denies it but Henry remains suspicious that she could be their agent or mole.

Clayton Verris (Clive Owen), former Force Recon Marine and head of GEMINI, employs Junior to replace Henry. A classic villain who uses clones as weapons. Filmed on exotic locations worldwide.

Net Worth

Through his years of success, Brogan has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $26 million. He currently owns several properties across New York City and Rhode Island as well as investing in multiple businesses, including an interest in a restaurant chain.

Smith portrays Henry Brogan in Gemini Man, an exhausted government assassin with 72 kills behind him who decides to retire but finds that an unknown young operative is stalking his every move.

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