Henry Cheung

Henry Cheung

Henry Cheung has extensive expertise in securing assets through the creation and enforcement of security rights in Hong Kong. Additionally, he handles complex debt recovery cases, such as urgent injunctive relief requests, freezing/gagging applications, as well as the enforcement of foreign judgments and awards.

Rex is highly esteemed in both local engineering communities and worldwide railway industries, frequently lecturing at engineering institutions and seminars on railway signalling system design, electromagnetic interference mitigation techniques and project management.

Early Life and Education

In 2012, he was one of 13 Long Island high school students chosen to participate in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Partners for the Future program for an eight-week summer internship. There he worked alongside scientists as mentors while conducting research into fibrillar collagen’s role in pancreatic cancer.

Ho’s film centers on the 2013 murder case of Henry Chau and his accomplice Angus Tse, who killed and dismembered both their parents. With its kaleidoscopic structure that shifts perspectives between courtroom scenes, fantasy sequences, flashbacks, interviews with jurors and interviews of witnesses, this thought-provoking and complex film leaves viewers thinking deeply. Yeung Wai Lun and Mak Pui Tung deliver powerful performances as killers while Jan Lamb makes for a refreshing change with her straightforward counsel rather than romanticized movie lawyers seen elsewhere – making this an eye opener!

Professional Career

Henry Cheung brings over three decades of railway signalling engineering expertise from clients, consultants and supplier organizations. He has participated in the design, development and implementation of railway systems worldwide as a designer, developer and implementer. Furthermore, Henry lectures regularly at universities and engineering institutions; lecturing in subjects including signalling system design, electromagnetic interference management and project management.

He is adept in handling complex multi-jurisdictional bondholder disputes, debt enforcement, winding up proceedings and asset tracing and recovery matters. Additionally, he regularly advises clients in devising cross-border strategies to maximize return of investments related to foreign judgments or awards being enforced.

Coach Cheung played varsity soccer at Bentham Academy in Lancaster, England before moving to the United States, serving as the Varsity Boys Soccer Coach at Newark Community High School from 2019-2021. In his free time he enjoys following Newcastle United as well as spending quality time with family.

Achievement and Honors

Henry is an engineering professional with more than three decades of experience in railway signaling system design, delivery and management. He has delivered railway systems worldwide and served in senior leadership roles within client, consultant and supplier organizations.

Atiba is an accomplished author and has received multiple awards and commendations for his work. His book Thinking Orientals won the Norris and Carol Hundley Prize and Journeys of Hope: Challenging Discrimination and Building Vancouver Chinatown Legacies received the City of Vancouver Heritage Award.

Ho Cheuk-tin’s The Sparring Partner follows Henry (Yeung Wai-lun), on trial for murdering and dismembering both of his parents with his friend Angus (Mak Pui-tung). Through interviews with nine jurors from this trial, director Ho Cheuk-tin turns this true crime story into an examination of traditional parenting, generational tensions, and social class differences.

Personal Life

Henry Cheung graduated with his Masters of Architecture degree from Woodbury University and now works for Bestor Architecture of Los Angeles, an architecture firm which engages Southern California as the source and location of cultural production to develop contemporary environments.

He lectures at universities, engineering institutions, and seminars on signalling system design, electromagnetic interference issues with railway systems, project management strategies and project ownership. Additionally, he operates his own engineering and consulting firm for rail projects throughout Asia-Pacific region.

He is a registered professional engineer in Hong Kong and a fellow of both the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and IET. Additionally, he belongs to both Association of Railway Signal Engineers in Australia as well as Deakin University Melbourne where he serves on its Board. From 2019-2021 he will coach Newark Community High School’s varsity boy’s soccer team.

Net Worth

Sun Hung Kai Properties was Hong Kong’s largest real estate developer when founded, with his fortune soaring despite property price declines this year. Additionally, he chaired Jardine Matheson and owned stakes in retail chains Next and Giordano; also headed apparel firm TAL Apparel that produced clothes for J.C. Penney and Brooks Brothers.

Bondholder disputes and debt enforcement attorney with extensive experience specializing in Asia. He possesses expertise in prosecuting claims of accounting fraud, business diversion and fraudulent misrepresentation as well as urgent injunctive relief and freezing/gagging applications in cross-border proceedings. Furthermore, he regularly advises institutional clients regarding devising strategies in support of restructuring negotiations and enforcement of foreign/PRC judgments/awards; in addition to being conversant in Chinese laws regarding bankruptcy and insolvency issues.

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