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Henry Electric

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Building electromagnets, he noticed that changing magnetic fields could induce current into wires within a circuit, an effect known as electromagnetic induction. He called his discovery the cornerstone of all modern electric motors, generators and transformers.

Early Life and Education

In 1831 Henry constructed a powerful electromagnet for Penfield and Taft Ironworks in Ironville, New York to separate soft iron ore from pure soft iron ore – marking the first commercial application of electricity in history.

Henry moved to Princeton and focused his research in physics. He conducted extensive experiments involving electric current, eventually discovering that high-voltage batteries could send electricity over long wires – something now known as self induction. Henry recognized it before British scientist Michael Faraday but Faraday published his findings first.

In 1846 he became the inaugural Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and under his tenure restructured both its goals and organizational structure, contributing significantly to American science development during his 32 year tenure at the Smithsonian.

Professional Career

Henry held several positions. In his early career, Henry focused on industrial gas engineering; later he served as vice president for Gas Operations Corporation of NEGEA service; additionally, Henry provided advice about liquid natural gas economics and markets as a consultant.

He published articles and books on electrical engineering. His research led to a deeper understanding of electromagnets; in addition, he assisted in the creation and improvement of the telegraph service.

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Achievement and Honors

Joseph Henry was one of America’s foremost scientists, developing electromagnetism theory and designing an electric telegraph to practical use. Because of his contributions, an electrical inductance unit named in his honor, known as the Henry, was later named for him.

While experimenting with electromagnets, he discovered the phenomenon of self-induction – when current running through a wire creates magnetic fields greater than its original wire itself. He utilized this tool to construct powerful electromagnets which he often displayed before large audiences.

Henry served as first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and helped found the National Academy of Sciences. Additionally, he was an active member of both Light-House Board and Philosophical Society of Washington.

Personal Life

Henry made two significant discoveries while building electromagnets: electromagnetic induction – where current passing through one wire induces magnetic fields in nearby wires – and mutual induction (where changing current in one wire causes another wire’s current to change in response) that led to the invention of the electrical telegraph; as well as mutual induction’s principle that changing current in one wire causes similarly changing currents to change nearby. He published these findings in 1832 in Silliman’s American Journal of Science.

In the 1840s he founded and led several scientific societies before serving as first secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. Among other achievements he created a corps of volunteer weather observers and helped found the National Weather Service; also setting goals, organizational/financial structures for it; his name being immortalised as part of SI units such as inductance known as Henrys.

He was an extremely religious individual who was constantly helping those around him. Although never as well-known, Morse left behind an invaluable legacy that is remembered worldwide today.

Net Worth

Henry is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $6 billion, having amassed his fortune as co-founder, co-chairman, president and CEO of semiconductor/software conglomerate Broadcom Corporation and later its successor company Broadcom International Corporation. Additionally, Henry is known as an active philanthropist and leader of victim’s rights movements; unfortunately he’s also made headlines due to arrests for drug possession charges in Las Vegas as well as his South California mansion that hosted drug and prostitute orgies allegedly hosting orgies!

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