Henry Goodrich

Henry Goodrich

Henry Goodrich specializes in family law and is known for helping families. With experience in divorce, custody disputes and estate planning he has earned top ratings in client satisfaction for his practice.

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Early Life and Education

Goodrich Castle stood for many centuries as one of England’s premier border castles. Its most significant building – its well-preserved keep – may have been constructed by Richard ‘Strongbow’ de Clare around 1148; his family became renowned for their loyalty to Plantagenet kings; additionally he was one of England’s great builders during this time, so may have altered existing structures and possibly updated existing ones as part of his remodeling program.

Goodrich earned both her nursing and bachelor’s degrees from St. Vincent Hospital and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She served as co-founding member and director for the Pierre F. and Enid Goodrich Foundation and still maintains strong ties to Liberty Fund – she collaborated closely with her husband in creating its Basic Memorandum as a document that guides its work.

Professional Career

Henry Goodrich excelled as a civil engineer, serving with the U.S. Navy Civil Engineering Corps before working at Rust Engineering Company as draftsman/designer. Additionally, Henry Goodrich held positions of chairman and CEO at Inland Container Corporation of Indianapolis as well as helping found BE&K Engineering Company–one of the country’s top engineering firms.

He was also an accomplished painter, with works hanging at local restaurants such as Fairfield Market and Cafe and Superior’s Steak House. His restaurant scene paintings in Toulouse-Lautrec style found an audience.

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Achievement and Honors

He began his career with the Navy Civil Engineering Corps where he oversaw design, construction and management duties. Following his departure from service he went on to serve as President of Rust Engineering Company in Birmingham before serving as President of Inland Container Corporation of Indiana before eventually becoming Chairman and CEO of Southern Natural Gas in Shreveport.

David was also engaged in community service, serving on the Board of Trustees for Kansas University Medical Center as well as being a Student Senate representative and resident assistant. Additionally, he founded International Club and participated in Campus Compact Community-Engaged Scholar Program.

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Personal Life

Goodrich experienced chest pain while waiting in line at a Pensacola Baskin Robbins and was transported by medical Leer jet to hospital, undergoing quadruple bypass surgery which resulted in his heart condition remaining undetected for some time after.

Goodrich established and ran Goodrich Oil Company in 1975 – an influential Louisiana independent oil producer and royalty owner that eventually was purchased by Birmingham-based Southern Natural Resources; where Goodrich served on their board for seven years.

Attorney Henry Goodrich specializes in helping families through difficult times. His expertise lies in divorce and other family law matters such as property partition and estate planning. Additionally, he has experience handling criminal defense and personal injury matters with compassion. He is well known for being committed to his clients’ wellbeing.

Net Worth

Henry Goodrich’s net worth has been estimated to be over $1.12 Million dollars as of 6 September 2013. He owns over 4,000 units of GDP stock which currently trade for more than $378,544 per unit and has made 8 trades worth $738,908 since 2011.

Tonia died in 2006, leaving behind in her will her one-half community interest of the family home and furniture/effects which are owned outright by each child (making them all 100% owners of those assets). Furthermore, Henry received usufruct for life over her other property such as mineral interests, stock options and Townhome Personal Property.

In 2015, Tonia’s executor sent notices to creditors that it appeared the estate had become insolvent due to claims being placed on it by creditors surpassing their value and exceeding available assets. Subsequently, IRS levies were issued against bank accounts belonging to Tonia’s estate as well as any revenue generated through mineral interests held.

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