Henry Gorham

Henry Gorham, Actor: Ugly Betty

Henry was awarded both his Bachelor’s of Science from East Carolina University and Juris Doctor from Wake Forest University School of Law, becoming licensed to practice law in all state courts as well as United States District Courts serving North Carolina’s Eastern, Middle, and Western Districts.

Early Life and Education

Henry Gorham was born and raised in McRae, Georgia, spending most of his summers at his family cottage on Pamlico River in North Carolina where he explored coastal waters and maritime woodlands before finding out his talents for painting and drawing.

Sherry Shortridge, who reviewed the Rapid Eye recording to assist the Warden in upholding Gorham’s disciplinary charge appeal, testified that she saw an orange flash from high up and to the left on Gorham’s cell door window; however, neither the Rapid Eye recording nor hand-held video support this testimony.

According to the weight of evidence presented at trial, this court concludes that O’Quinn used excessive force when administering the OC spray and violated Gorham’s Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment.

Professional Career

He has extensive experience litigating cases involving government liability, condemnation liability, commercial and public official liability as well as various real estate and construction defect issues. Additionally, he represents real estate professionals while litigating complex personal injury, products liability, environmental protection and insurance coverage disputes.

Gorham testified that he did not believe Officer Owens’ claim that he was on his table trying to break the sprinkler head with his food tray because the Rapid Eye recording showed O’Quinn spraying at a time when neither Gorham or his food cart were visible. Therefore, this court finds O’Quinn’s account of this Incident, excepting administration of OC spray, is false and fabrication.

After the Christmas party, Betty encounters Henry again but is immediately interrupted by Hilda who interferes in their conversation in order to thwart their attraction towards each other and destroy her relationship with Walter; therefore she decides to “lose” his message intentionally.

Achievement and Honors

Gorham played Henry Grubstick from Mode Magazine on Ugly Betty and was involved in a love triangle with Betty and Gio. Although Betty chose Gio in season four, Henry made several reappearances before she decided he wasn’t worth saving in season five.

Gorham, in addition to teaching, is an accomplished artist specializing in narrative paintings of African American life in Small Grove, Georgia based on memories and perceptions. His pieces showcase both history and present day aspects of this town.

He received numerous honors and awards throughout his career. He served as president of Westbrook Rotary Club and Georgia Academy for Arts and Sciences before his death on April 22, 2018. His family includes Nekia Brantley Gorham; Trina Gorham Wright, Priscilla Gorham and Felicia Gorham as well as several grandchildren.

Personal Life

Henry leaves behind many precious memories for those to cherish: His wife, Nekia Brantley Gorham; children Trina Gorham Wright, Priscilla Gorham and Gabriel Gorham; grandchildren Fantasia, Savon, Doryan Ashlen Tylon Erionna Fantasia Savon Francellia Carroll Ralph Carroll Morris McMillian Rodney Doctors and close friends who will all mourn his passing at College Place United Methodist Church Greensboro where there will be a memorial service held later.

Gorham initiated this 1983 civil action pro se, alleging that O’Quinn used excessive force and Lt. Gilbert created cruel and unusual living conditions by placing him in a cell sprayed with OC. Unfortunately, Gorham’s claims lack merit as his testimony is contradictory with undisputed evidence and defies logic; furthermore he appears to be making false allegations against himself which makes his credibility suspect and can only be described as lying.

Net Worth

Gorham is one of the wealthiest television actors in America with an estimated net worth estimated to exceed $5 Million, earned through his successful acting career.

He has appeared in popular TV shows such as Ugly Betty, Odyssey 5, Jake 2.0, Felicity Out of Practice and Harper’s Island – even co-starring with Anne Hathaway in short-lived CBS show The Other Side of Heaven.

Gorham is married to actress Anel Lopez and together they share two children. Since his son was diagnosed with autism, Gorham has become an advocate for autism awareness as an active member of the Autism Society. Additionally, his passion lies with acting and travelling the globe – something which began at his birth on August 14th 1974 in Fresno California.

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