Henry Granju’s

Henry Granju’s Mommy Wants to Help Other Families by Making it Stiffer to Sell Drugs to Minors

Henry Granju died from an accidental drug overdose and his mother is fighting to pass laws making it more difficult for sales of illegal substances to minors. Unfortunately, her relationship with Knox County Sheriff’s Office has proven challenging.

Allen concluded that, even though the suspects admitted robbing Granju, their accusations cannot establish a case for robbery.

Early Life and Education

Mommy blogger Katie Allison Granju stepped forward when her 18-year-old son was hospitalized after an overdose and violent beating left him brain-damaged, but quickly found herself embroiled in an angry backlash against Nashville police for their lackluster investigation into his death and turning to her blog audience for assistance.

Brad Hall agreed to interview Henry but quickly witnessed his health deteriorate before his untimely death from hypoxic brain damage on May 31, 2010. Now Granju is rallying people behind her cause by using her blog and huge following to rally support behind prosecution of those allegedly providing drugs that killed Henry under state and federal laws that consider drug-related deaths as murders.

Professional Career

At 19, Granju was an addicted user of prescription painkillers who was no longer able to work due to his dependence on them. He would spend much of his time high and selling drugs as a way of financing his habit.

At the hospital, his body was covered with bruises and blood, including what Katie Granju believes were kick marks on his chest. But the medical examiner concluded that he died due to overdosing on opiate pills.

Harper, Houser and Gooch were interviewed during the yearlong investigation which ultimately resulted in no charges being brought against anyone in connection with Granju’s death. KCSO eventually released their entire investigative file publicly in July 2018.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Louis Granju was an energetic young man who touched many people throughout his life, from musicians and writers to poets and comedians. On May 31, 2010 after spending a month in intensive care at University of Tennessee Medical Center he died of drug overdose complications. Katie Granju, his mother’s blog dedicated to her son’s addiction struggles has received thousands of visitors as she attempts to prevent other tragedies through raising awareness. Katie Granju has publicly criticized Sheriff Brad Jones for not interviewing Henry during hospital stay as Hall was not available to coordinate such interviews through her.

Personal Life

Henry Granju, 18, overdosed and died days before graduating high school. To buy drugs he pawned his prized guitar before being assaulted and robbed while on a drug purchase run.

His mother, Katie Allison Granju, made her grief public through blogs and podcasts, lobbying for new laws that might protect other families from going through what hers did.

This story uncovers the last days of a teenage addict and an underground society of suburbanites who casually take pills like candy, “pill-sick” teenagers willing to rob friends for their addictions and dealers who prey upon all three groups. The case has caused national outrage and garnered criticism against Knox County Sheriff’s Office investigators; medical records even document Henry Granju’s bruised chest as evidence against them.

Net Worth

Katie Granju, co-founder and author of Attachment Parenting by Literary Mama and author of Attachment Parenting has become one of the nation’s hottest mommy bloggers after witnessing her drug addict son die at age 18. Katie Granju has shared much of their tragedy on their blog including their son’s desperate drug habits.

No matter her best efforts to arrange an interview with her son before his hospitalization in April 2010 and death one month later.

Carter Clark provided him with his preferred oxycodone pills. Henry also enjoyed having sexual relations with women and selling drugs for cash. Investigators interviewed Harper, Houser and Gooch in relation to Henry’s death but have made no criminal charges against them.

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