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The Henry Rifle

The Henry rifle, introduced in 1860 and used during the American Wild West period, was an influential lever-action tubular magazine rifle with a capacity of 21 rounds.

The Big Boy Steel is a centerfire version of the Golden Boy Silver that boasts a 20″ octagon barrel and checkered walnut furniture mounted to an aluminum-bronze alloy frame that won’t wear down as quickly over time.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born into a prosperous New Hampshire family, his grandfather being an influential millwright who developed the wry-fly water wheel to enable paper and textile mills in town to thrive. Henry took inspiration from this influential man and decided to enter firearms manufacturing; ultimately creating the Henry rifle which revolutionized not only firearm history but human history as well. A true pioneer, he never accepted mere compensation for his efforts.

Personal Life

Personal life refers to those aspects of an individual’s existence, relationships and beliefs that do not manifest themselves professionally or publicly. It covers activities, experiences and relationships essential to one’s sense of self-worth, identity and fulfillment as well as hobbies that foster personal development, sense of accomplishment and overall quality of life.

Hunnicutt enjoys spending his free time with his family. Additionally, he has an insatiable curiosity for human rights and strongly advocates for social justice issues.

Net Worth

HENRYs are often known as the “working rich”, as more of their six-figure income goes toward expenses rather than wealth-building investments and savings. Additionally, HENRYs may accumulate large debt from educational costs, mortgage payments, auto loans and credit card bills which limits their ability to invest. By taking steps to reduce debt and wisely investing, it may help HENRYs increase their net worth and become wealthier overall.

Henry L Guy owns at least 16,873 Synalloy shares worth $2,457,927 as of 16 December 2021, as recorded on SEC’s EDGAR system. Over the last twelve years he has made at least nine trades of SYNL stock; since 2013 he has also served as Director and prior to that as CEO before leaving in 2012. In 2012 Henry received an MBA degree from University of Michigan.

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