henry h009g

Henry X Model Rifle

Henry is dedicated to maintaining the legacy of lever-action rifles while updating them for today’s hunters and shooters. Their X Model features a rail and M-Lok slots for quick attachment of suppressors or other accessories.

Henry’s Side Gate differs from Marlin in that its transfer bar safety only permits firing when its hammer has been fully cocked.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born and raised in Pennsylvania as the eldest of four children. Due to his father’s work in coal mining, they relocated frequently. Although not wealthy themselves, his parents valued education and strived hard to give their children a better life. After attending local schools before going off to Pittsburgh for engineering study – where he would design his H009 rifle with its popular 30-30 caliber hunting cartridge (known as H009); an option with better quality control than more modern lever action carbines that were failing due to quality issues present within more modern lever action carbines suffering quality control issues!

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