Henry Juszkiewicz

Henry Juszkiewicz

Henry Juszkiewicz was born March 3rd 1953 and currently serves as Chairman and CEO of Gibson Brands, Inc, more commonly known as Gibson Guitar Corporation – one of America’s acclaimed instrument companies.

He has led Gibson back from near bankruptcy to become a global music brand, prioritizing quality and customer service while building back up their worldwide respect.

Early Life and Education

Henry Juszkiewicz hails from Rochester, NY and supported himself during college by playing guitar (a Gibson) at weddings and parties. He obtained both a mechanical engineering degree from General Motors Institute as well as an MBA fellowship from Harvard. In 1986 he purchased Gibson guitar operation to transform it into an internationally respected brand which now experiences 20 percent average growth every year.

He established the European distribution center and acquired manufacturing facilities in China for his company. Through aggressive management techniques he transformed it from near bankruptcy into global prominence.

Juszkiewicz’s company has expanded to encompass other musical instruments and audio, including drums from Slingerland and keyboards from Baldwin Piano & Organ Company (BPOC) and Deutsche Wurlitzer (DW). Furthermore, Juszkiewicz owns shares in Onkyo and Teac and recently closed on purchasing WOOX Innovations from Philips.

Professional Career

Henry Juszkiewicz serves as Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corporation in Nashville. He is widely acclaimed for turning around a nearly century-old instrument manufacturer into one of the world’s most iconic musical instrument companies.

He has provided guitars to some of the greatest musicians ever–from Jimi Hendrix’s Flying V to archtop guitars used by early jazzmen. Along with two business partners, Gibson was purchased in 1986 and since then its fortunes have improved immensely.

He has been an outstanding leader, but recent decisions have placed the company in jeopardy. For example, an expansion into consumer electronics was a disaster and has admitted he plans on finding a replacement CEO soon.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Juszkiewicz, a graduate of Rochester Bishop Kearney High School and one of this year’s Rochester Music Hall of Fame Inductees. Henry plans on bringing Gibson Guitar Tour Bus for musicians and members of the public alike to try guitars out during this event.

In 1986, Gibson was on the brink of bankruptcy when Juszkiewicz and a group of investors purchased it. Employing aggressive management techniques, Juszkiewicz immediately turned around the company within one month to return it to profitability and ensure its survival.

Gibson Guitar Company has successfully restored their worldwide respect, enjoying annual revenue growth of 20% under Juszkiewicz’s leadership, with consumer centric brand positioning being central to this. He serves on several boards including Country Music Hall of Fame Board Member; Rainforest Alliance Founding Director and We Are Family Foundation Advisor board Member.

Personal Life

Henry Juszkiewicz holds music dearly. From growing up in Rochester, New York and playing guitar (a Gibson) through school to being named CEO of Gibson, he holds it in high regard. Through his commitment, Henry helped turn around its bankruptcy-embryonic state back to health by 1986.

Juszkiewicz attempted to diversify his business beyond guitars by purchasing electronics companies that specialize in speakers and headphones; unfortunately, these efforts appear to have backfired and damaged its reputation.

Juszkiewicz recently acknowledged his plans to step down as CEO of Gibson Brands and is searching for his replacement. Gibson Brands has reached an agreement with its creditors, which will enable it to continue operations without needing extra financing.

Net Worth

At age 66, Henry Juszkiewicz reportedly has an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million according to various sources. He earned this fortune as a professional Musical Instrument Maker.

Juszkiewicz began diversifying his company by purchasing consumer electronics brands like Onkyo, Integra, Teac/TASCAM and Philips global accessory business.

Gibson’s investments did not bear fruit, leading the company into financial difficulty and leading them to file for bankruptcy protection in 2018.

Juszkiewicz stepped down as CEO but remains on a consulting contract to assist the business with the bankruptcy proceedings. At this time, no decision has been made as to who will become his replacement as head of Gibson, nor how much debt Juszkiewicz will assume through this process.

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