Henry Karlson

Henry Karlson – Lowell High School Class of 1949

Four Lowell High School Class of 1949 graduates Richard Dodge, Jim Sharkey, Henry Kaszuba and Harold Karlson left Lowell for San Diego California last August to receive Marine training. Harold returned home last week after two weeks’ leave.

His eclectic tastes included casual yet enjoyable banter; cheerful rhyme; beautiful music–particularly around Christmas time–stern criticism of court decisions he considered incorrect; C. S. Lewis works; as well as small arms and automatic rifles of various types.

Early Life and Education

Henry Karlson taught criminal law, evidence and trial practice for 33 years at the University of Indianapolis Law School. Additionally he presented numerous continuing legal education programs. Furthermore he wrote several articles regarding child abuse as co-author of APSAC’s Handbook on Child Abuse and Neglect.

He proved his versatility through comedy (A WAVE, A WAC and A Marine [1943]), musical (Swing Parade of 1946 and Thunderhoof], westerns (They Rode West and Hell’s Island]), crime dramas like 1952’s Scandal Sheet starring Broderick Crawford in an attempted bank heist played by Ginger Rogers; followed by The Phenix City Story which exposed Alabama corruption.

Professional Career

Henry Karlson had an extraordinary teaching career. For 33 years he lectured on criminal law, evidence, trial practice and child abuse seminar topics, co-authoring a book about child abuse while contributing numerous articles for publication in APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment; Indiana Law Review; Journal of Child Abuse and Neglect and Annals of Emergency Medicine.

He directed several crime dramas including Tight Spot (1955), in which Ginger Rogers played a prison moll seeking revenge against gangsters; 5 Against the House is an impressively staged heist movie; his decade was completed with Gunman’s Walk featuring Van Heflin as a rancher with disputes among his sons.

Slap Shot was directed by Henninger. This film follows three brothers who play professional hockey; these individuals actually appeared at minor league hockey games under the name Hanson Brothers, and are still together today.

Achievement and Honors

Karlson started making films as director in 1946. His first was Wife Wanted (1946), an Western featuring Kay Francis. Later, he directed several for Columbia Pictures such as Kilroy Was Here (1947) and Gunman’s Walk (1958).

He served as Director of Voice of America for 33 years and was widely respected for his knowledge and ability as a teacher in the classroom. Furthermore, he tirelessly advocated on behalf of individuals less privileged than himself – particularly children – including himself.

He testified before several US Congressional committees and participated in international negotiations between foreign governments. Additionally, he published several books and articles during his 79-year life before succumbing to natural causes at age 79 in 2007. Nancy survived him.

Personal Life

Henry Karlson was an outstanding law professor. Dedicated to helping those less fortunate than himself – particularly children in Indianapolis – Henry Karlson spent 33 years teaching criminal law, evidence and trial practice, co-authored a book on child abuse as well as writing articles that appeared in publications such as Indiana Law Review Journal of Child Abuse & Neglect and Annals of Emergency Medicine.

He had great love for his wife and children. His hobbies included astronomy and aviation; history was of particular interest to him – particularly Roman history – while being Byzantine Catholic meant that interfaith dialogue and comparative theology provided a wealth of learning experiences for Christians alike. He currently writes articles for Patheos as well as writing his first book.

Net Worth

Carlson was raised in a Lutheran family of Swedish descent. She has two brothers and one sister. It is estimated that Carlson earns approximately $2 Million annually via YouTube videos, Wildflower cases, brand endorsements, partnerships, and six yachts she owns.

Carlson has seen incredible growth with Guild Education since its establishment. Carlson has distributed 1% of company equity to employees and prioritizes giving back to the community by supporting various Democratic initiatives and candidates as well as making several charitable donations; her efforts focus on education for hourly workers – she believes providing debt-free degrees encourages employees to take risks that invest in themselves as they build strong workforces and thereby contributes to economic development.

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