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Six the Musical – Henry Mannox

Henry Mannox served as Katherine Howard’s music instructor, beginning lessons at her townhouse home beginning in 1536.

He was in his late thirties or early forties – much older than the teenage queen.

Mannox was related to Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk and Anne Boleyn (a second wife who predeceased Henry VIII), whom Mannox would eventually marry after Anne had passed on.

Early Life and Education

Catherine Howard was Henry VIII’s first queen and soon fell in love with her even while still young; both beauty and personality won his heart at first sight. Even as he approached his mid-40s years, Henry fell deeply for Catherine Howard who still remained only 16 at that time.

Her uncle, the Duke of Norfolk, secured Catherine a position in Anne of Cleves’ royal household and here Catherine met Henry Mannox – her music teacher – whom she soon fell in love with, later becoming acquainted and then starting an illicit romance that Mannox indulged with lavish gifts and castles; unfortunately this affair would end tragically.

Professional Career

Henry Mannox makes a brief but notable cameo appearance in Six the Musical as one of Katherine Howard’s music teachers and abusers, which can be heard in All You Wanna Do’s first verse and other tracks on this album. He can also be found mentioned elsewhere within these tracks.

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Achievement and Honors

Henry was deeply in love with Catherine but due to ill health could only spend limited amounts of time at his quarters, leaving Catherine free in a luxurious town house with visitors galore. Catherine soon fell for Francis Dereham; when aware that there may be an annulling precontract with Dereham she turned to Archbishop Cranmer (her father-in-law’s close advisor and friend). Archbishop Cranmer described their interview with compassion: he noted, as his friend wrote “all men in the world pitied all men that looked upon her.”

Personal Life

Henry had spent much money and suffered significant health complications in his war against France, yet needed legitimate heirs for his dynasty.

Catherine had become romantically involved with Henry Mannox, an acquaintance from Howard family kin. Mannox taught music lessons in Dowager Duchess’ household; at 36 he may have taught as many as 13 girls music lessons before visiting their dormitory for “relationships” that may or may not have ever culminated. They would meet on occasion for sexual encounters when Mannox visited, giving lessons and then becoming sexually involved while visiting.

Archbishop Cranmer believed Catherine and Henry should not be permitted to marry because their ‘precontract’ with Francis Dereham rendered their union invalid.

Net Worth

Early modern society often viewed women as frail and sexually voracious beings, so it would not have been unreasonable for the dowager duchess to think Manox’s seduction of Katherine was necessary as a form of protection. Indeed, when they secluded themselves in private areas on Horsham and Lambeth estates respectively Katherine did not object to Manox’s advances or take offense at his provocations.

Henry Mannox does not appear on-stage during Six the Musical, yet his character remains one of its main themes and is played by James Earl Jones (estimated net worth $85.1 billion).

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