Henry McCance

Henry McCance, Chairman Emeritus of Greylock Partners and One of the Country’s Most Well-Known Venture Capitalists

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Henry McCance was not happy when doctors prescribed three Advil daily and concluded there would be no cure in sight – something which did not sit well with him, being chairman emeritus of Greylock Partners and part-owner of the Red Sox.

Early Life and Education

Henry McCance is one of the nation’s best-known venture capitalists and was born in New York City. He earned a magna cum laude degree from Yale University before attending Harvard Business School for further studies.

As Allison was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, McCance was told he could only treat her symptoms for a limited time. That didn’t sit right with him so in 2004 he collaborated with fellow venture capitalists Phyllis Rappaport and Jacqui and Jeff Morby to create Cure Alzheimer’s Fund, an entrepreneurial non-profit using venture capital investment techniques to invest in research that had the best chance of slowing or curing Alzheimer’s.

McCance is also actively engaged in his philanthropy efforts through New Profit, supporting leaders in the social sector with generous cash and stock donations over time to Lake Wales High School and Bok Academy South – including millions given directly.

Professional Career

Henry McCance was one of the founding partners and most acclaimed venture capital firms, Greylock Partners, during its 40-year run as chairman emeritus. Over this time, he invested in numerous developing software companies backed by Greylock Partners; Forbes recognized him as one of its Top Ten Venture Capitalists in 2000.

After his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he joined other philanthropists to form the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund in 2004. Instead of offering grants directly, this nonprofit finances high-risk research that may not otherwise receive support from traditional foundations.

He serves on the Board of New Profit and founded First Step Economic Opportunity Zone in Sierra Leone – an industrial development park which has attracted over 75 manufacturing businesses – while actively engaging in sports philanthropy.

Achievement and Honors

Henry McCance has received multiple honors and awards for his venture capital endeavors, including receiving the National Venture Capital Association Lifetime Achievement Award as well as serving as Chairman Emeritus of Greylock Partners. Furthermore, Henry was honored with Harvard Business School Alumni Achievement Awards and was listed among Forbes magazine’s top ten venture capitalists in America.

ImmuLogic Pharmaceutical Corp B2 Henry McCance believes in treating all employees equally without discrimination based on race or gender, helping maintain high employee morale and creating an impressive company image in its local community (Valamis Group, 2022).

McCance has also given back through charitable giving. His generosity includes gifts of cash and stock to Lake Wales High School and Bok Academy South in Lake Wales.

Personal Life

McCance was determined to gain as much information about Alzheimer’s as he could when his wife developed it, yet felt frustrated by a lack of information and disillusionment with medical advice. Thus he founded Cure Alzheimer’s Fund – an initiative encouraging collaboration among researchers as well as investing in high risk but high reward philanthropic investments – which now supports over 70 researchers.

Greylock Partners was his home since 1969; during that time he helped to found more than 300 companies while receiving the National Venture Capital Association Liftime Achievement Award.

He is married and the proud parent of two daughters. In his free time he enjoys golfing and tennis – often spending much of his time at his Camden, Maine residence along with his family. Additionally, he owns properties in both Bermuda and New Hampshire.

Net Worth

Henry McCance was shocked when his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, yet when he sought advice from some of the country’s premier doctors he received disappointing advice: “You might try taking three Advil per day.”

Greylock Partners was co-founded by McCance in 1969 and was once considered one of the 10 premier venture capital firms. However, in 2004, McCance used his business acumen for good and founded Cure Alzheimer’s Fund to find a cure.

He funds researchers using a model adapted from his time working in venture capital (VC). With his team, they make long-term investments in high-risk projects with potential for substantial returns – funding 75 collaborative researchers worldwide.

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