Henry Perichon

Henry Perichon Brooch

Henry Perichon is an esteemed French jewelry designer known for his intricate creations that reflect Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance styles.

This exquisite gilt bronze pin brooch features stunning ovoid poured glass cabochons encrusted with crystal rhinestones and secured closing clasp. A great addition to any collection!

Early Life and Education

Henry Perichon was an innovative jewelry designer based out of Lyon, France. Utilizing multiple mediums such as bronze, silver and Talosel resin to craft one-of-a-kind designs with inspiration drawn from ancient, medieval, baroque and Renaissance influences; many actresses including Claudette Colbert and Michele Morgan wore his exquisite creations during the 1950s and 60s.

Henri Vautrin also produced two humorous stories and a fairy tale; these included 1842’s ‘What to Teach and How to Teach It,’ 1848’s ‘The Peasant Boy Philosopher,’ as well as editing a short-lived periodical. Additionally, Henri and Line Vautrin experimented with a harder and thicker form of cellophane known as Talosel which they then used to craft ornaments with an artisanal look.

Professional Career

Henry Perichon was a French jewelry designer known for creating bold, sculptural pieces from high-quality materials. His designs took their cue from ancient, medieval and baroque styles; using bronze, glass and Talosel resin in their construction. Henry collaborated with leading fashion designers such as Christian Dior and Elsa Schiaparelli on creating jewelry designs to complement their couture collections; many stars like Claudette Colbert, Suzanne Flon and Edwige Feuillere even wore his creations both on screen and real life such as Christian Dior or Elsa Schiaparelli would wear his designs while filming his designs when filming their films or wearing his designs on screen – including Christian Dior, Elsa Schiaparelli created designs specifically to match couture couture fashion collections from these designers including Christian Dior and Elsa Schiaparelli who were eager for his jewelry to complement couture collections in real life while fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli used bronze with carnelian and glass pearl cabochon design signed “Henry”. Security closing clasp.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Perichon was one of the most innovative jewelry designers of the 1950s and 1960s. His pieces drew on ancient, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque styles as inspirations, with materials like bronze, glass or Talosel (a form of cellulose acetate) being utilized. Many famous actresses from that era including Claudette Colbert, Suzanne Flon, Michele Morgan were seen wearing his creations.

His paternal grandparents were Camila O’Gorman and Fr. Ladislao Gutierrez, two infamous Argentine socialites and political figures who were both executed by firing squad on orders from Caudillo Juan Manuel de Rosas for conspiring against their government and trying to overthrow it in 1848. O’Gorman was pregnant at the time of her execution as part of House of Liniers and also an active philanthropist.

Personal Life

Henry Perichon was an Auckland artist working in fashion and sculptural design. A contemporary of Line Vautrin, their styles often overlapped. Additionally, Henry deputised for Auckland Choral Societies when they needed someone.

Perichon designed jewellery for many famous actresses during the 1950s, such as Claudette Colbert, Suzanne Flon and Edwige Feuillere. His designs took their inspiration from medieval and baroque designs while using materials like bronze and Talosel cellulose acetate (Talosel).

This abstract carnelian glass cabochon and pearl brooch, in gilt bronze with an engraved Henry signature, measures two inches wide by two inches deep and is in perfect condition; this piece was sold at auction in Lyon in 2021.

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