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Henry Wellcome & His Firm, HENRY Pharmaceuticals

HENRY Pharmaceuticals delivers peace of mind to their customers through providing private-brand dental, medical and veterinary products directly to office-based practitioners.

Henry filed suit against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and two of its managers, Andrew Schaschl and Walter Wardrop, alleging discrimination and retaliation under Title VII and New York State Human Rights Law.

Early Life and Education

Henry was raised in Garden City, Minnesota before attending high school in Rochester. While working for his uncle’s drug store he gained valuable experience compounding medicines. Later attending Philadelphia College of Pharmacy where he earned a diploma. Lastly he graduated with his PhD in 1874.

In 1880, Henry Wellcome and Silas Burroughs co-founded Burroughs Wellcome & Company with proactive marketing techniques to expand its business both within Britain and throughout colonized territories. Henry donated most of his profits to charity through Wellcome Trust which promotes medical research and the study of medicine.

Henry currently holds the role of Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst of ROTH MKM’s Specialty Pharmaceuticals practice, with over 12 years of sell-side research experience to his name.

Professional Career

Henry serves clients across an array of industries and sectors. He specializes in representing pharmaceutical, consumer brand, financial services, and technology companies in complex antitrust litigation as well as providing advice and counseling on an array of antitrust matters.

Henry has experience working in numerous settings, such as community pharmacies, hospital pharmacy departments, long-term care settings and compounding operations. Additionally, he has participated in flu clinics as a preceptor and presided over student pharmacists during training programs.

As Pharmacist Per Diem at HJAHC and Henry J. Austin Pharmacy (HJAP), he reports to and collaborates with the Pharmacist-in-Charge in providing services to HJAHC and HJAP patients. He prepares medications, processes renewal requests, provides pharmacological information to healthcare professionals, as well as ensures the pharmacy adheres to established procedures involving quality assurance and security of controlled substances.

Achievement and Honors

Henry was an expert in organic chemistry and prolific author on its subject matter, winning multiple awards and prizes for his research. Henry was well known by researchers across industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, medical device, agricultural as well as other specialty fields.

At the time of his death, he was the CEO and chairman of CanWell Pharmacies in Farmville. This company employed 30 people there and produced fourteen prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Henry was an accomplished musician and sportsman, playing violin, clarinet and saxophone as well as being an avid collector of medical artifacts he donated much of his wealth to Wellcome Trust which provides medical research and education.

Personal Life

Henry worked at a drugstore attached to his uncle’s clinic in Garden City, where he gained the experience necessary for becoming a pharmacist in later years. There, Henry discovered his love of business while simultaneously developing essential skills needed for becoming one.

Henry was unhappy with the rating he was given on his year-end performance review for overall effectiveness – three stars. As such, he complained to numerous managers.

Henry complained to Bigelow of discrimination at work. In response, Eugene Sackett conducted an investigation. Additionally, Bigelow offered Henry two positions within Vaccines Division’s Packaging Supervisor position or Senior Validation Specialist role: however he chose the latter and later filed this lawsuit alleging discrimination violations under both state and federal law.

Net Worth

Henry co-founded Burroughs Wellcome with Silas in 1880, later merging it with GlaxoSmithKline. Henry played an influential role in modern medicine by pioneering new approaches in drug design; his company produced many lifesaving medications like leukaemia drugs, immunosuppressants used during organ transplantation procedures, and antiviral drugs – not to mention founding one of the largest medical charities worldwide, The Wellcome Trust.

Henry has been at the center of numerous scandals during his personal life, such as facing drug possession charges in Las Vegas and allegations that he kept a dungeon at his Southern California mansion where drug and prostitute orgies took place. Henry entered an Alford plea in July 2019 in order to settle these allegations; agreeing to undergo drug counseling twice monthly for 12 months as part of a settlement deal, while also giving away $500,000 to an approved treatment center.

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