Henry Rancourt

Henry Rancourt

Henry Rancourt died at age 88 on November 24th 1987 and was interred at Burial Place Cemetery, Maine.

He was a priest with the Marist Fathers who served parishes and schools across Michigan, New York and Ohio. In 1992 he was accused of sexually abusing Haitian boys.

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Early Life and Education

Henry rancourt is an American illustrator who earned his BFA at The Cleveland Institute of Art. Since then, his illustrations have graced several books and magazines as well as winning numerous awards, garnering him accolades and being showcased at events like Society of Illustrators Los Angeles West 59 Show.

Clara and he have three children together. He is a member of the Marist Fathers and spent 23 years working in education, 6 as foster parenting, 11 in Haitian ministry as well as parish work and preaching missions.

In 1992, Fr. Rancourt was accused of sexually molesting Haitian boys at his parish school in Boston and named on attorney Mitchell Garabedian’s list of lawsuits filed in 1992 against clergy for child sexual abuse.

Professional Career

Henry Rancourt served at various parishes across Massachusetts, such as Framingham and North Easton, until 1992 when allegations surfaced that he sexually abused children; the Fall River Diocese later settled the claim against him in 1996.

He discussed the progress that had been made in implementing Statistics Canada’s information management strategy, noting their impressive track record with Canadians as an “information contract”, along with a strong culture of confidentiality. They have also developed several new policy instruments, modernized their library and introduced Picasso – a metadata-driven statistical program.

He highlighted the need to modernize and expand access to data across government. Furthermore, he advised ministers who had any queries or needed advice on using their own data to reach out directly to Statistics Canada for support.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Rancourt received many honors and awards during his lifetime. He was honored with inclusion into both the American Physical Society and National Academy of Engineering as a Fellow, in addition to receiving accolades and awards from other organizations and institutions, such as Legion of Honor, French National Order of Merit, Distinguished Service Cross and Silver Star awards.

On 28 July 1992 in Paris, he died and was interred at Cernoy-en-Berry Church Cemetery. A monument in his honor was created at this cemetery with a stele and plaque commemorating both his life and death; additionally a memorial service was also held that was attended by members of his family, as well as many friends and relations of his.

Personal Life

Henry Rancourt was married to Clara-Helene Dougherty and they shared one child, Lorette Lefrance who died in 2009. Henry appeared as himself dealing with his wife’s decline during several episodes of ER’s final season – earning an Emmy nomination.

On TV series The Wild Wild West he played a sniper. Additionally he has amassed an extensive book collection covering topics like Vietnam War terrorism.

He’s actively involved with various charitable organizations, volunteering his time to assist homeless and children. Additionally, he enjoys art as well as traveling – often visiting his parents in Maine!

Net Worth

Henry Rancourt’s net worth has been estimated at approximately $ 1.7 billion, due to his holding several real estate properties and successful business ventures such as healthcare technology companies and education sectors, among others. Furthermore, his investments also span various fields like arts and entertainment.

He is married to Pauline Annette Rancourt (nee Roy). Together they have two children. Henry Rancourt is a member of the Catholic Church and his family lives in the United States. To create your free family tree of Henry Rancourt with photos, documents and locations – share with family members!

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