Henry Rentals

Henry Rentals

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At The Henry in Platt Park, you can create a life that stands out. Here, inspired architecture and modern amenities blend to provide better living and healthier energy for a superior living experience.

Early Life and Education

Henry struggled to provide for himself and his family during the Great Depression, doing everything from burning weeds for Chicago and Alton Railroad to washing cars, delivering prescriptions, and waiting tables – anything to make an income.

He continued his service to Union Missionary Baptist Church where he held several positions, while his involvement with Parsons’ Cause enhanced his profile and launched his political career.

The Henry Apartments provide 134 permanent affordable housing units for low and very low income individuals, including 78 for formerly homeless individuals. In addition, ground floor retail space is included along with on site support provided by Services for the UnderServed (SUS). Residents can take advantage of a warm resident lounge, well equipped fitness center, furnished rooftop terrace with Carson virtual doorman service and bike room – all features available to those with lower and very low incomes.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the total value of an individual’s financial assets minus liabilities. Assets which contribute to net worth typically include retirement accounts, investment accounts and property. Liabilities typically consist of mortgage debt, credit card debt and loans.

HENRYs can increase their net worth by cutting expenses, such as by creating and sticking to a budget. Relocating to regions with lower costs of living may help HENRYs save money while simultaneously increasing savings and wealth accumulation.

As much of their income goes toward expenses than wealth-building investments, HENRYs can often feel more like regular high earners living paycheck to paycheck than members of America’s richest 1%. By increasing their net worth through investments or saving, this gap between them and their peers will close considerably.

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