Henry Seed

Henry Seed

Good King Henry is an easy-care perennial that produces fresh green leaves and edible seeds, while its deep roots improve nutrient availability in the soil. Furthermore, Good King Henry makes an ideal companion plant as its deep roots repel common garden pests while attracing beneficial insects that repel common garden pests.

Good King Henry does best in cool climates with well-draining soil, making him an excellent addition to permaculture gardens.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born to parents of both African American and Native American descent in Baltimore. After attending Frederick Douglass High School he went on to become a licensed electrician and stationary engineer, serving as chief engineer at Provident Hospital; an exclusively Black owned hospital located there.

He experimented with plants and grew them in his garden, with particular interest in corn. His work revealed that there is no relationship between appearance and yield of corn ears.

Once in China, he joined the Imperial Customs Service in Shanghai where he served various locations such as Yichang, Sichuan and Mengzi. While in China he taught himself Chinese and used his interpreting abilities to help those without access to interpreters afford an interpreter. A man of contradictions who loved nature as much as technology. Tinkerering mechanical devices was something he was fascinated with doing as well.

Professional Career

Henry was not only an accomplished scientist but was also a devoted family man, present for each mealtime and bedtime even while working 14-16 hour days.

He was an expert at fostering research that considered ecosystem processes across time and space scales, while advocating the analysis of large, complex data sets to reveal responses to natural or human-caused disturbances.

His dedication and work at the Ecological Society of America’s Student Ecological Diversity Mentoring System (SEEDS) were near and dear. To remember him, friends and colleagues created the Henry L. Gholz SEEDS Field Trip Endowment which provides zero upfront costs while sharing students’ future incomes.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Seed was the pioneering American who established the first private soybean breeding and research company. His hybrid corn and soybean genetics continue to be utilized today; additionally he helped establish numerous biological field stations nationwide so researchers could examine ecosystems on an expansive level.

He counted his contributions to SEEDS, the Ecological Society of America’s flagship program aimed at engaging underrepresented students in ecology, among his greatest accomplishments. He helped establish strong ties between LTER programs and field stations across North America to SEEDS; providing internship opportunities as well as field trip experiences for young ecologists who wanted to join this field.

He was elected a Fellow of both the National Academy of Sciences and American Geographical Society.

Personal Life

He is a loving husband and father who treasures time spent with his wife and children. Additionally, he cares deeply for his employees – many of them second and third-generation members of the company – always considering what impact his decisions will have on others when making business decisions.

He has long been engaged in charitable work and demonstrates a particular interest in supporting youth. He has actively sponsored educational programs that teach agricultural sciences and business; field trips sponsored by SEEDS serve to connect young people to their environments while building confidence and leadership abilities; he even sponsored field trips for SEEDS itself!

Good King Henry is a perennial green that’s commonly known by other names: wild spinach or poor man’s asparagus. With delicious flavorful and tender leaves that pop up early each spring – right when dandelions and nettles start sprouting! – Good King Henry makes for an attractive green addition.

Net Worth

Henry is both an investor and philanthropist, boasting ownership of multiple private jets as well as one of the world’s leading seed companies, Henry Seeds.

He is also an active donor to educational institutions and hospitals, while being passionate about entrepreneurship and proponent of business ethics.

Harry Stine, son of a hardscrabble farmer, has amassed an enormous fortune by licensing corn and soybean genetics to multinational giants like Monsanto and Syngenta. A dyslexic mildly autistic entrepreneur known for being both math and data savvy as well as adept negotiator; Harry’s obsession is developing seeds with better yields and pesticide resistance – earning him inclusion on Forbes 400 list as an American wealthier – while living on his farm near Adel, Iowa.

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