Henry Shropshire

Henry Shropshire

At nearly six feet tall, Henry Shropshire held an intimidating presence. Big and boisterous, he donned an attractive bolo tie and large belt buckle.

In order to disprove rumors that Hotspur might still be alive, King William II ordered that his quartered body was displayed both at Shrewsbury and York’s north gate.

Early Life and Education

An old saying holds true that what matters more than what we do is what we don’t do; Henry Shropshire never shied away from making bold decisions and taking risks.

His early life saw him join the army against an insurrection quickly put down, then become involved with voluntary associations in north-eastern Wales with Independents and men with Anglican affiliations; eventually leading him down a path toward Presbyterian ordination.

At this point, he began work on his monumental Commentary which would become known as the “Complete Commentary”, providing verse-by-verse interpretation of scripture for centuries to come. First published in 1608, its significance has only grown over time.

Professional Career

Shropshire gave up horse theft and decided instead to pursue music. While working at a local car wash for money and performing at local clubs in the evenings.

Shropshire received directions to The Blackboard Club where his Cousin Ebb Pilling and his Squirrel Shooters would be performing. Wearing his traditional western outfit and hat, he approached the venue without knowing what lay ahead.

Bill Woods approached Shropshire after just a short discussion and invited him to join his band. Woods described Shropshire as an impressive drummer with great talent; Shropshire agreed and became close with Woods; they eventually performed together for many years until Shropshire eventually relocated to Eufaula, Oklahoma where he later married Jan Rosson and had daughter Cathy Lynn.

Achievement and Honors

Lacon brought relative prosperity and convinced great nobles of their tax obligations via various underhanded measures; his tightfistedness allowed for no one escaping payment of taxes, duties or fines owed them by way of falling behind on payments. He succeeded in turning around an otherwise desolate and disorderly border shire devastated by both Percy and Glyn Dwr rebellions from still lingering effects; improving economy while getting great nobles to pay their due tax in full and on time; getting great nobles paying their due in taxes; even forcing some large nobles pay their fair share through some rather dubious means he employed. He tightwad who never allowed any taxes duties or fines slip through his net; nor let any payments slip from him that would fall through under his strict control.

After only making brief appearances as sheriff of Shropshire (1415-16), he was forced out after attacking Whittington near Oswestry and died soon afterwards in 1446. Other winners included home safety specialist Aico of Oswestry which won Shropshire Company of the Year three times running and marketing agency Reech from Shrewsbury; Kelda Wood received the Community Contribution award for her work with an Oswestry charity that uses outdoor activities to help rebuild confidence and self-esteem through outdoor activities.

Personal Life

In 1687 Henry decided to devote himself fully to preaching. He held two services on Sundays and two meetings during the week in Chester where his exposition of scripture proved popular with audiences, leading to its expansion across a wider region.

His personal life, however, was marred by tragedy: his first wife passed away during childbirth while his second ended in divorce and three of their infant children passed away during infancy.

Ruskin and his wife Ellen became close to him, often visiting in England or his private park of Shropshire called Badger Dingle; additionally they traveled together throughout Italy and other European destinations with him as his tour group. Additionally he became tutor for Rose La Touche who lived at Ruskin’s estate.

Net Worth

According to filings with the SEC, Henry D Herr owns 1 company total and holds 107,413 shares of Envision Healthcare Corp (EVHC) valued at $5 Million.

He was an avid collector of art, as well as enjoying dining out with his family and advocating for home schooling. Mary E. Shropshire survives him along with daughters Cindy Turner (Cincinnati) and Vickie SHROPSHIRE WARD (Springfield); son-in-law James Day of Covington; 9 grandchildren including Ashley (Deonte) Smith, Jamie Kirk, Jodi Smith, Cameron Brooks and Maria Jones plus 7 great-grandchildren and various nieces and nephews he leaves behind many nieces and nephews as well as nieces & nephews to mourn his departure. Mary E. Shropshire will be missed by all those he touched along his path; we wish him peace until we meet again!

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