Henry Smilie

Henry Smilie, Actor and Comedian

Lake Zurich resident Thomas Rexrode served as CEO of Home Physician Services LLC, a company which arranges in-home health care for elderly patients confined to their homes. A federal criminal complaint released Thursday alleges he participated in a scheme which involved billing Medicare up to $1.2 million for fraudulent or nonexistent services.

Early Life and Education

George Henry Smillie was an artist specializing in traditional 19th-century Hudson River School landscape paintings. After learning engraving from his father and becoming one of James McDougal Hart’s painting students, Smillie went on to exhibit at the National Academy of Design as well as travel throughout America sketching and painting scenes inspired by Long Island, Adirondack Mountains, Rocky Mountains – as well as marrying one of his brother’s pupils, Helen Sheldon Jacobs.

Federal prosecutors allege that Smilie managed Chicago-based Home Physician Services LLC from 2012 to 2014, providing in-home health care for elderly and homebound individuals. Medicare paid over $1.97 million in false claims submitted by this company; Smilie directed employees to submit fraudulent billings for “care plan oversight” services that either did not occur or involved treatment that was far less intensive than claimed.

Professional Career

Smillie, born the son of an engraver, became one of the premier 19th-century Hudson River School landscape painters through training with both his father and James McDougal Hart, eventually joining the National Academy of Design as its recording secretary in 1892. Although Smillie most frequently painted scenes of New England coast scenery in oil or watercolor, he also sketched Yosemite Valley scenes and sketched sketches later in Florida.

Smilie was arrested for federal Medicare fraud in 2015 after engaging in a scheme of falsifying claims for nonexistent services to Medicare. Smilie owned Home Physician Services LLC which arranged in-home health care services for purported elderly and homebound patients. As per his scheme, Medicare paid his company over $1.2 Million in claims that were either never performed as promised or were far less complex than described on them.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Smilie was an accomplished artist specializing in Hudson River landscape painting and Indian genre scenes. Moreover, he was known for his engraving skills as well as a successful career teaching art classes. Henry joined the National Academy of Design as an associate member in 1864 before eventually being elected a full member in 1882; serving as recording secretary from 1892-1892.

Smillie had his work displayed at all major U.S. venues and was an active member of several art organizations including American Water Color Society, Salmagundi Club, Century Association and Lotus Club. He became well known for his picturesque coastal scenes of New England and Long Island coasts as well as sketching trips he took through Rock Mountains Yosemite National Park Florida and beyond.

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Personal Life

Henry Smilie died April 9, 2017 at age 91. A longtime resident of Irving and former owner and operator of Henry’s Barber Shop until its sale in 2014, Henry also served with distinction during World War II with both American Army units and subsequently the Marines.

Smilie was an accomplished painter. A member of the National Academy of Design, he frequently exhibited there and was best known for his landscape paintings of farms and shorelines as well as traveling extensively to create them.

Federal agents exposed Smilie’s Medicare fraud scheme by employing an undercover source as a 71-year-old patient. Smilie informed him he would be charged with home care physician visits even though he was mobile and not considered “homebound”. Smilie was arrested in August 2015 on charges totalling over $1.2 Million of fraudulent charges.

Net Worth

Henry Smilie has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million thanks to his success as an actor and comedian. Smilie maintains an impeccable professional image without being linked with any controversy or scandal in his professional career.

Smilie owned and was CEO of Home Physician Services LLC, a healthcare services provider for elderly patients. From 2012 to 2014, she submitted approximately $1.97 million in false claims that Medicare paid her at least $1.2 million, according to federal prosecutors. An employee-turned whistleblower reported it.

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