How Old Is Kendra G

Kendra Monique Gilliams, more commonly known by her moniker Kendra G, is an impressive American radio and TV show host who has made an indelible mark on her media industry and serves as an inspiring figure for many.

She currently serves as a pop culture expert on E!, contributing to shows such as Attack of the Celebrity Bikinis and Bigger Badder Celebrity Feuds. In addition, she founded Abstinence Is Kool.

Early Life and Education

Kendra G is known for her radio and television talent; however, her interests extend far beyond this industry. She enjoys reading, traveling, trying new foods and working out regularly – which keeps her looking youthful and fresh!

Her career as a host has taken her throughout the US, such as New York City, Chicago, Buffalo, Atlanta and Connecticut. She has appeared on renowned radio programs such as Social Society.

She has interviewed an array of A-list celebrities, such as Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z and President Obama. Additionally, she has appeared on television programs such as E!, CNN, FOX News Channel (HLN) and ShowBiz Tonight. In 2008 she initiated her Abstinence is Kool movement which encourages middle and high school girls to abstain from sexual activity.

Professional Career

Kendra G is making waves in the media world with her impressive work as an accomplished radio and TV show host and social media influencer. Her impressive audience response can be found online as they follow her content across radio shows, television programs and social media.

She hosts “Singles Live,” where she acts as a matchmaker between single men and women. Additionally, she has interviewed several A-list celebrities such as Kanye West, President Barack Obama, Janet Jackson and more.

She has performed in major cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Buffalo, New York and her native Connecticut. Additionally, she has served as an E! Pop Culture Expert on shows such as Attack of the Celebrity Bikinis, Bigger Badder Celebrity Feuds and The Worst Thing I Ever Did.

Achievement and Honors

Kendra G has made her mark in media for more than a decade, contributing significantly to both fields. On a social level, she made an impactful statement with Abstinence is Kool – encouraging middle and high school students to refrain from sexual acts for an entire year – but also making significant strides within media itself.

Kendra’s career and family life are testaments to her hard work and devotion. She strives to strike a balance between her professional and personal lives and keeps up her physical appearance by visiting the gym regularly.

WPGC Chicago host recently posted on Instagram to share her joy at finding Jasen through their Instagram dating show in May 2021 and they are now engaged!

Personal Life

Kendra G is an extremely dedicated individual who prioritizes her relationships and professional success equally. With her strong work ethic and charming features, she inspires others to accomplish their goals and has amassed an admiring fan following.

WPGC Chicago host Kara Oshiro has chosen to keep her relationship private in order to allow it to flourish without media scrutiny. James Miller is an accomplished entrepreneur. They decided that keeping their romance under wraps allows them to do it on their own terms without worrying about media scrutiny.

Kendra met Alex on her Instagram dating show in May 2021 and they immediately clicked. Four weeks into their relationship, it seems they are deeply in love with one another. Kendra shared her emotional story to show women that it’s never too late to find love.

Net Worth

Kendra G is an accomplished radio and television host known for her impactful interviews of A-List celebrities as well as championing social initiatives. Her passion and dedication has seen her rise rapidly through her career – making her one of the most successful figures today.

Belinda has distinguished herself in the entertainment industry through her unique hosting style and engaging audience interaction. She has worked for multiple radio stations, and currently resides in Los Angeles where she seeks new opportunities within the entertainment sector.

Kendra has kept her personal life private, yet reports indicate that she and Jasen, whom she met through an Instagram dating show in May 2021, may be dating. They can often be seen together which suggests their mutual adoration for each other.

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