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Blake Masters is an renowned American businessman and politician. He co-founded Founders Fund and made investments in numerous companies; additionally, he wrote several books. Today, his net worth stands at an estimated $1.2 billion.

Masters is running against Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in Arizona in a closely watched election and receiving significant financial backing from outside sources such as pro-Trump super PAC Make America Great Again Inc. and National Rifle Association and Club for Growth affiliated PACs.

Early Life and Education

Blake Masters was born in New York on February 10, 1970. He is best known as a screenwriter for creating and writing the three season Showtime series Brotherhood from 2006-2008; as well as writing Captain America: The Winter Soldier film screenplay which won multiple awards.

As soon as he graduated law school, Masters clerked for Judge Jay Bybee of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit before co-founding Judicata, a tech startup dedicated to legal research. Masters was also co-authoring Peter Thiel’s best-selling book Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future with him.

Masters is running as a Republican candidate for US Senate in Arizona. He supports border security, economic growth and individual liberties – which have all been endorsed by numerous prominent figures such as Peter Thiel.

Professional Career

Blake Masters is an esteemed venture capitalist who has invested in various technology startups. Additionally, he published Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Create the Future in September 2014. Masters has an extensive background in both politics and business and utilizes both areas to guide his professional pursuits.

He is running for Arizona Senate as a Republican candidate, receiving support from prominent figures like Peter Thiel and Donald Trump. Throughout his campaign he has stressed conservative values and policy priorities that align with those held by these figures.

He strives to achieve a balance between his personal and professional lives, with both having positive outcomes. He currently resides in San Francisco with his wife and two sons.

Achievement and Honors

Blake Masters has enjoyed much success in business and politics. He has distinguished himself as an author, venture capitalist and political activist with an estimated net worth exceeding $18 Million.

Masters is an accomplished screenwriter who has contributed his talent to many popular TV shows and films, such as his creation of Showtime’s Brotherhood series and film writing credits. Additionally, he co-founded mission capital commercial enterprise Founders Fund as co-founder.

Gretchen Masters is one of the many people supporting Masters’ political campaign and can often be seen appearing in campaign ads for him. Since 2012, she and Masters have been married and together are parents to three sons.

Personal Life

Blake Masters is an iconic figure in both business and political arenas. He has established an exceptional career in venture capital while making impressive contributions in politics – leaving an impactful mark in both fields and inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

He has also contributed articles to various prominent publications and his writing has received high acclaim by both critics and fans. Furthermore, he is running for political office in Arizona where his campaign has been highlighted due to close links with prominent figures like Peter Thiel.

He lives with his wife, has two children together, is an INFJ personality type and scored 7w6 on the Enneagram scale.

Net Worth

Blake Masters has distinguished himself with impressive accomplishments in both commercial and political spheres, amassing an estimated net worth of approximately $18 Million through business ventures, books, investments and more.

His co-founding of Judicata, which provides attorneys with machine learning software for legal research purposes, has substantially boosted his earnings. Furthermore, Thiel Capital–a project capital business enterprise with extensive investments in several success groups–appoints him as Chief Operating Officer.

He has also published several e-books such as Zero to One: Notes on Startups and is an experienced investor. In his personal life, the entrepreneur is happily married with Catherine living together in Tucson Arizona with three children that belong to their Catholic faith family unit.

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