How To Make A Daisy Head Mayzie Headband

How to Make a Daisy Head Mayzie Headband

To make a Daisy-Head Mayzie headband, start by measuring your child’s head and cutting a 3 inch wide yellow circle. Next, cut five to six pieces from white construction paper into petals. Glue the petals to your daisy. Next, cut a green pipe cleaner in half, and secure one end to the back of the daisy. Stick the stem inside the headband, and your child can now pretend to be Daisy-Head Mayzie!

To make the headband, you will need a knee-length pink dress with short sleeves and buttons in the front. You will also need pink Mary Jane shoes and white tights. The headband will be more difficult to see if you wear a wig of the same color, but it will make it look like the flower is growing from your head. You can also make large wreaths to wear around your head for the entire week.

Next, you need to attach a bright yellow daisy to your headband. Place the artificial daisy onto the headband using hot glue. Then, tie a bow on top. Continue this process until you have made a second daisy-shaped headband. You’re almost ready to go! Don’t forget to add a pom-pom to complete your Daisy-Head Mayzie headband!

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