How To Make A Dragon Claw Paracord Bracelet

How to Make a Dragon Claw Paracord Bracelet

Perhaps you’ve heard of how to make a paracord bracelet or necklace with dragon claws, but haven’t actually seen the process. This instructable will show you how to make one. First of all, you will need about 14 feet of paracord. After that, cut the cord into four equal pieces. Place a border strand between each runner core. Now you can make a bracelet with a dragon claw necklace.

Once you have the basic components of the necklace, it is time to decide how to make the bracelet. There are many designs and types. Some are more complex than others. One is the Bored Paracord design. It uses a modified version two weaves to create a bracelet that looks almost like tank tracks. The Solomon weave (or Cobra weaving) uses three colours. The result is a tougher bracelet than it looks. Another popular style is the Cross Knot design, which is similar to a braided bracelet but uses one solid colour. These are thinner and can hold an emergency cord.

Other designs include the Thin Line, which is a two-toned design with a division of colour down the middle. This design is popular with police, EMTs, and military personnel who wear colour-coded paracord to show their support. Other designs include the Cupid’s Belt, which looks easy from a distance but actually incorporates a complicated weave. It also looks very cool when worn!

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