How To Start Creating An Online Learning Platform

To create a successful online learning platform, you must first understand your audience. An ineffectively-marketed online learning platform may not reach its intended audience. A low conversion rate, mailing unsubscribes and irrelevant feedback can be signs of a poorly-targeted audience. If your platform targets small farmers, for example, make sure that most of these people have access to the internet.

Concept Formation

Concept formation is a fundamental teaching strategy that builds students’ understanding of complex concepts through a small set of examples. The teacher helps students see similarities between the examples and synthesises these similarities into a definition. A good set of examples is small, diverse, and developmentally and culturally appropriate. Make sure the examples are current and provide ample data to support the concept.

The process of concept formation is complex and involves multiple stages. Concepts can be classified into scripts and schemas. The first describes the structure of knowledge and the second describes the sequence of actions required to achieve a goal. If a person wants to buy a CD, for example, he will need to go through several steps to do so. The script will help him perform these steps in a sequential way.


A good UI/UX is an essential part of creating a quality online training platform. These sites should be simple to use with large font sizes, attractive animations and a well-organized structure. You should be able to control the different stages of your training with these sites. A good UI/UX should allow users focus on the task at hand and not distract them with notifications and pop-up windows.

UI/UX also determines whether a person will return to your online learning platform. If a person is having trouble navigating a website they won’t convert to a customer. Unintuitive websites could cause them to abandon their search and switch to a competitor’s products.


There are many security considerations to be aware of, whether you are creating an online learning platform for your students or an in-person classroom. While most cyber attacks stem from human error, there are other ways to keep your online learning environment secure. Implementing cybersecurity principles and enforcing them is essential for online learning security.

Hackers pose a constant threat. The number of cybercriminals has quadrupled in the last few years. This increases the possibility of your online learning platform or classroom being compromised. An expert security firm can help prevent this. These services are either free or paid and will ensure that your site is safe from hackers.

Scaling Up

Although scaling up your business can seem daunting, with the right guidance and support, you can accomplish your goals. The right program can increase cash flow by up to 10x, triple profits, and even increase valuation. The program helps you to identify areas that require more attention and focus and aligns the people required to execute your business plan.

You must first have a clear understanding about where you are at the moment. You need to know how effective your e-learning solutions are in terms of performance and productivity. A well-defined sales funnel will help you to identify areas for growth and improve the effectiveness of your content.


Online learning platforms can be promoted by you to get your product in front of as many people possible. Digital products offer immediate benefits and are easy to sell. First, choose the channels you will use to market your product. Leveraging your email list is a priority. After all, your subscribers already know you and what you teach. You just need to give them reasons to purchase your product.

If you are a higher-level institution, you can consider a learning management system (LMS). ALM allows educators to manage and organize their online courses. These systems are generally hosted in the cloud and offer the instructors tools to create online classes and upload education materials.

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