How To Transform The Children’s Room In The School Season

The school season is a great time to revamp your children’s rooms. Children will feel more at ease if they have their rooms decluttered and reorganized. Consider incorporating vertical storage or using under-bed storage. These options can help you create a kid’s room that is bright and cheerful and has everything a child needs.

Decluttering The Children’s Bedroom

Decluttering children’s rooms is a great way to create a new, fresh environment for your child. This will give them more room to play and to work on new projects. Decluttering in the school season will also allow you to clear out your home before the new school year begins.

Decluttering children’s rooms is an emotional process, so be sure to involve your child as much as possible. This will help to reduce tantrums, frustrations, and angst that can occur during a decluttering project. It will also make it easier to maintain the room.

Storage Under-Bed

A great way to keep your child’s toys out-of-sight is to use under-bed storage. It is also easy to reach from a low enough height. You can choose a streamlined under-bed trundle that matches the bed, or a budget-friendly plastic storage box. The boxes can be labeled by kids, too.

Another option is to convert a dresser drawer in an under-bed storage container. This will give your child more space to keep their books, toys, and accessories. Dresser drawers can be mounted on casters to provide additional storage.

Displaying Memorabilia

Displaying memorabilia from school years is a great way to make a child’s room more personal. It can also be an elegant way to store important papers and childhood mementos. Use a memento box to store art projects or other school materials.

You can also put the piece on permanent display if it is truly treasured. Photo books make a great way to save a large collection of photos, and they’re also easy to look through. Artwork can also be preserved as photo collages or yearbooks.

Vertical Storage

One of the best ways to maximize space in a children’s room is to add vertical storage. Shelves are great for keeping toys organized and are generally shallow, so they won’t bulk up the room. They are ideal for use above dressers and desks, or on the walls near a bedroom door. Consider placing shelves on the wall lower if you have children younger than your child. This will allow them to reach books and toys easily.

Creating nooks in a children’s room is another way to make the room functional. A simple low shelving unit can be used to hold books, puzzles, and framed photographs. A desk or pegboard can also be added to a wall to hold pictures and jewelry. Use your creativity to add color and texture to this storage space.

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