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Nick Cassavetes and Isabelle Rafalovich

Nick Cassavetes is an esteemed American filmmaker best known for helming John Q and She’s So Lovely. Additionally, he is known for being the father of Virginia Cassavetes and Sasha Cassavetes – two daughters he shares custody with.

He is divorced and shares two children with Isabelle Rafalovich; in addition, he’s known for having a close friendship with actress Heather Wahlquist.

Early Life and Education

Nicholas Cassavetes is an American actor, screenwriter and film director. Born to Gena Rowlands and John Cassavetes in 1971, his professional career started during the late 1980s when he started making low-budget movies like She’s So Lovely (1997, John Q, My Sister’s Keeper etc). In 1985 he married Isabelle Rafalovich; together they have two daughters named Virginia Cassavetes and Sasha Cassavetes. Later he began dating actress Heather Wahlquist however this led to their marriage ending up dissolving.

At present, he lives with his daughters, all of whom seem content in their life together. Sasha, his eldest daughter is an American actress known for appearing in short movies such as Aliment (2015) and Three Dog Night (2018).

Professional Career

Nick Cassavetes is an esteemed American actor, director and screenwriter. He is best known for starring in films such as The Notebook while also helming feature films like Face/Off, The Wraith and Alpha Dog as director. Nick hails from Gena Rowlands’ and John Cassavetes’ respective careers; with two siblings named Alexandra Cassavetes and Zoe Cassavetes.

He was married twice and has two children from both marriages with Isabelle Rafalovich and Heather Wahlquist – one daughter named Virginia Cassavetes, as well as another called Sasha Cassavetes.

Sasha Cassavetes, his daughter, is an actress. She has appeared in several movies. An introvert herself, Sasha does not share any details of her personal life on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Sasha and Virginia Cassavetes both reside in the US.

Achievement and Honors

Isabelle Rafalovich has gained widespread acclaim since marrying Nick Cassavetes, an accomplished actor, director, and writer. They married in 1985 and soon after welcomed Virginia Cassavetes; four years later in 1988 came Sasha Cassavetes; then Heather Wahlquist became his second wife who bore Barbarella Cassavetes before later divorcing both their wives; both currently reside in Los Angeles County, California United States together where they’re enjoying married life together!

Personal Life

As far as her personal life is concerned, she has not shared much details with the media about it. However, she is married to well-known American director Nick Cassavetes (John Q, Alpha Dog, She’s So Lovely and The Notebook among others).

They were married in 1985 and share two daughters: Virginia Cassavetes and Sasha Cassavetes. After giving birth to their second daughter, however, they parted ways.

He later married Heather Wahlquist in 1992 and they are parents to their daughter Barbarella Cassavetes who has appeared in several of her father’s movies as an actress herself. At present she remains uninvolved with any controversy, living happily in California with her family without an active presence on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Net Worth

Virginia Cassavetes does not yet know her exact net worth, though it is clear she has amassed significant earnings through her long career in film. Gena Cassavetes estimated net worth is approximately $10 Million while Nick Cassavetes amassed capital estimated to exceed $40 Million.

He shares two children – Sasha and Virginia with former wife Isabelle Rafalovich; as well as having one daughter named Barbarella from current partner Heather Wahlquist.

He has directed multiple films such as John Q, Alpha Dog, Unhook the Stars and Yellow and has earned several awards and nominations for his efforts. He has made multiple guest appearances on television series as an actor/director/writer as well as being an accomplished musician who has written songs specifically for some of his movies.

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