Jacinta Henry

Jacinta Henry

This film follows Jacinta Henry, a woman living in an addiction treatment facility. It is an engaging narrative that will have viewers cheering for the protagonist!

She used music as a way of finding relief after the Parkland shooting, performing her song at a rally held after it.

Early Life and Education

She enjoys creating art as a form of therapeutic relief and joy in her free time, whether writing songs or painting pictures. Furthermore, she uses her talents to advance social change initiatives that improve people’s lives.

Henry was inspired by Parkland students’ organization of March For Our Lives advocacy group and performance of one song at their protests, specifically performing it herself at one. Henry knew she wanted to do something similar with her music.

She initially intended to attend an historically Black college, but met MSU recruiters at her high school and decided instead to become a Spartan. Later, she changed her major and minor from African American and African Studies to Arts and Humanities with African American and African Studies as her concentration. Additionally, she worked as Special Education Coordinator in Clarke County School District (CCSD) until being approved as co-Executive Director for Special Education and School Counseling along with Veronica Johnson.

Professional Career

Jacinta Henry is an educator and administrator in Gwinnett County School District. Currently she serves as principal at Starling Elementary School in Grayson. Jacinta brings 29 years of teaching experience – 14 of those years spent as an interrelated special education teacher before she transitioned into school administration.

As well as her work at Lacor Hospital, she has also educated over 70 anesthetists through formal education programs and over 20 through on-job training programs. Furthermore, she was instrumental in setting up Mulago School of Anesthesia satellite training center.

Henry finds joy and peace through her creative endeavors; whether that involves writing music or painting. Henry hopes her art can also help others heal as part of her legacy.

Achievement and Honors

After suffering several setbacks, Henry has rebounded sufficiently to return to her sport. She has played for both local teams and participated in Commonwealth Youth Games competition. Now in her senior year at Richmond High School she serves on Student Council; National Honor Society Executive Board; is varsity soccer and track athlete, All-Academic Catholic League Soccer Player among her accomplishments.

Holland earned a 3.9 GPA and scored 1440 on her SAT test. She is active in her community, working with children through an after school program teaching them tennis and cheerleading basics as well as volunteering for pediatric fundraising events. Holland plans on attending college but has yet to commit to one institution specifically.

Personal Life

Henry was moved by the students who organized March for Our Lives following the Parkland shooting and decided to help students through creative means such as music and art. This experience inspired her to help support them further through other artistic means such as singing lessons or art exhibitions.

Her parents encouraged Jacinta Henry to find a career that made her happy and made them proud, which led her to education. Working in education has proven the ideal choice: she loves working with children while emphasizing arts education as being essential. Jacinta enjoys singing and hopes one day to become a recording artist. Public records indicate she resides at 2180 Rail Yard Avenue Grayson Georgia 30017 where she currently resides with no children despite having been married several years prior. Nonetheless, Jacinta remains close with many close relatives and close friends besides.

Net Worth

Katya, a Miami-based wellness model and social media star who has amassed an enormous online following over recent years, boasts her own website called Workouts by Katya that delivers updates about workouts.

Jacinta Henry currently boasts an estimated net worth of roughly $1.2 Million, thanks to her professional modeling career and its substantial wealth accumulation.

She amassed most of her wealth through holdings in publicly-traded SM Investments and SM Prime, multi-billion dollar conglomerates which hold interests in department stores, banks, real estate development, mining operations and more. Teresita Sy inherited her fortune from Henry Sy Sr.’s Shoemart store which first began selling overrun shoes back in 1958.

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