Jack Betkowski

Jack Betkowski Wants to Put Allegheny County Needs First

Former long snapper on special teams, he has earned endorsements from unions and local leaders. His goals include making public transportation more cost-effective while encouraging paid sick leave policies.

He advocated for a ban on natural gas drilling (commonly referred to as “fracking”) within county-owned parks. With councilors Olivia Bennett, Jack Betkowski, Tom Duerr, Bethany Hallam Paul Klein Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis and John Palmiere supporting this bill it passed.

Early Life and Education

Betkowski arrived on campus as an engineering student who had never played football. But, with dreams meant to be accomplished and ceilings broken through in mind, that’s exactly what he set out to achieve.

His dedication to bettering himself and his work ethic quickly paid dividends; within a short time he was making progress with Callero, understanding all aspects of workout programming and coaching.

In 2021, Democrats won all three contested council races with Anita Prizio holding onto her east suburb seat while Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis gained one from Republicans in Ross Township; Jack Betkowski successfully overturned another Republican district there; Moon resident Joe Wise died due to COVID-19 complications before this election but is still listed on the ballot.

Professional Career

Jack Betkowski spent many years as a communications and public relations professional in Washington D.C. for former U.S. Rep Austin J. Murphy before returning home to Moon Township in 2006. Serving on Ross Township board of supervisors has given him an enhanced understanding of local issues, what it will take to address them, as well as his political philosophy of not accepting corporate or special interest PAC contributions in exchange for endorsement; instead placing residents’ needs first in his calculations.

On Election Day 2021 in Pennsylvania, with nearly all precincts reporting, it appeared that Anita Prizio had bested Republican Ed Kress to win district 3, while Tom Baker appeared poised to beat Jack Betkowski for district 1. Click here for Ballotpedia’s comprehensive coverage of Election Day 2021 in Pennsylvania.

Achievement and Honors

Betkowski is serving his second term on the Ross Township Board of Commissioners and has gained an in-depth knowledge of issues facing our local communities, and what needs to be done to resolve them. Additionally, he sits on both Public Safety Committee and as representative on CONNECT.

Betkowski hails from Moon and worked in communications and public relations in Washington D.C. for former U.S. Representative Austin J. Murphy; upon returning home he implemented fiscally responsible spending practices in Moon that saved taxpayers money while meeting Allegheny County needs.

Personal Life

Betkowski, a former Washington D.C. communications professional who served as an aide to U.S. Representative Austin Murphy and Senator Harris Wofford, is married with one child and has never accepted corporate or special interest PAC contributions; thus ensuring his priority lies with county residents rather than outside groups seeking his endorsement.

Early results indicate that Ross Township Democrat Jack Betkowski appears poised to capture an Allegheny County Council seat for District One’s 1st Ward, according to early results. He holds an early lead over Moon Republican Joe Wise. Betkowski, 58 years old, served on Moon Township Board of Supervisors before also serving with CONNECT and North Hills Council of Governments; according to him his experience on Moon Township board gave him an increased understanding of local issues.

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