Jack Doshay

Jack Doshay, Son of Padres Minority Owner Glenn Doshay, Heads to Prison

Jack Henry Doshay, 24, of the affluent Fairbanks Ranch family will serve 10 years and four months in prison and register as a sexual offender before paying $1.5 million in restitution.

Doshay was brought before Vista Superior Court from a psychiatric facility where he has been receiving treatment. According to Doshay’s attorney Paul Pfingst, Doshay has undergone significant transformation since the incident.

Early Life and Education

Jack Doshay, son of Padres minority owner Glenn Doshay, will likely face prison time for trying to kidnap an elementary school girl after school let out. Jack walked onto campus after dismissal ended and confronted 7-year-old Aspen as she went for her after-school program; he attempted to carry her away with him but she fought back; ultimately he let her go after she fought back and they separated themselves.

Prosecutors claim Doshay left his DNA on the tape he used to wrap around her head, and was arrested nine days after the March 23 incident at Skyline Elementary School. Doshay was identified by both young victim and adult witnesses from photo lineup, who could match up his profile with him from memory. Doshay has been sentenced to 10 years of incarceration but will receive credit for time served at Laguna Niguel residential treatment facility for depression.

Professional Career

Jack Henry Doshay, 22, appeared disoriented as he was led out of his car and into Vista Superior Court on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and child cruelty – charges which could land him up to 11 years behind bars.

Doshay was accused of grabbing the girl outside Skyline Elementary in Solana Beach wearing baseball clothing and carrying an equipment bag, then losing his grip after she struggled and screamed for help; eventually she managed to escape unharmed from this ordeal.

Police believe Doshay was involved with trying to abduct a young girl, as his DNA was discovered on the duct tape used in an abduction attempt on April 1. His father Glenn Doshay owns part of the San Diego Padres and the family is known for its extensive charity efforts. He was arrested April 1 last year.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Doshay, 22, from Fairbanks Ranch was arrested in connection with an attempt at kidnapping at Skyline Elementary School. He has been charged with child cruelty, false imprisonment with violence and kidnapping.

Sheriff Bill Gore spoke at a press conference, noting that detectives received over 150 tips and leads before arresting Doshay. He thanked the community for making this case their priority and noted there was an extremely close match between Doshay’s composite sketch and description of his vehicle.

Doshay was an outstanding baseball player at San Diego Jewish Academy, graduating with honors. Now headed for Hebrew University in Israel to pursue studies that could eventually lead him into rabbinate work, his parents being well known throughout San Diego for their involvement with schools and charities in San Diego.

Personal Life

Jack Doshay, 22, the son of an influential San Diego businessman has been charged in connection with an attempt at kidnapping of a 7-year-old girl at her school last month. Doshay allegedly grabbed her outside Skyline Elementary in Solana Beach and put tape over her mouth before trying to carry her away; when the child kicked and screamed in protest staff members were alerted immediately.

Doshay is the son of Glenn Doshay, a former investment manager and minority owner of the San Diego Padres baseball team. Both he and his wife have long been active in various charitable causes that benefit children.

Doshay appeared dazed as he entered a Vista Superior Courtroom Wednesday with his lawyer Paul Pfingst to register as a sexual offender.

Net Worth

This week, 22-year-old son of one of the minority owners of the San Diego Padres was arrested in relation to an attempted abduction at Solana Beach elementary school. However, when staff heard her screaming and kicking back against her attacker she managed to flee and escape without incident.

Investigators identified Jack Henry Doshay of Fairbanks Ranch as their suspect, arrested April 1 on charges of cruelty to children, false imprisonment and kidnapping. Doshay was released on $5 million bond but must wear an ankle GPS bracelet. Paul Pfingst stated Doshay did not have prior criminal convictions and was receiving treatment in Laguna Niguel for mental health problems.

Glenn Doshay, who owns a minority share in the Padres, and his family are well known in San Diego for their philanthropy; in 2006 NBC 7 did a feature on Jack donating $2,000 of his bar mitzvah gifts to charity.

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