Jack Driggers

Jack Driggers, a Jacksonville, Florida, Entrepreneur, Has Passed Away

Jack Driggers of East Central High School recently signed his letter of intent to play basketball at Thomas More University during a special signing ceremony attended by both parents and siblings.

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Early Life and Education

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Er had graduated from Wicksburg High School and the University of Alabama. After college he became active at First Baptist Church of Dothan serving as Farm Editor and later joining both Civic Band and Dothan Rotary Club memberships.

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Professional Career

Jack Driggers has been active in several projects throughout his career. In addition to construction management work and serving in Panama and Iraq as a military policeman, Driggers also worked as a construction manager for multiple firms.

Recently, East Central High School student-athlete Daniel Hoy has signed his letter of intent to play basketball at Thomas More University. Hoy is known as an exceptional worker and should thrive at collegiate level.

On Labor Day weekend, Driggers was driving a vehicle with Nicole Marie Clinton as its passenger when the car left the road and struck a culvert before overturning twice, ejecting Clinton and leading to her death. Driggers has been charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Driggers was an outstanding student-athlete during his time as an East Central High School basketball player, winning two state championships and earning a scholarship to Thomas More University to play basketball.

He was an active member of his church and deeply loved his family, particularly Dell Driggers and Chad Alldredge from Grayville; beloved father to Miles Lynch, Molly Lynch, JJ Lynch and Aria Lynch from Hawaii; as well as being beloved uncle and cousin for numerous others.

He served in Panama and Iraq as a Military Police Officer, enjoying pool, hunting, and collecting arrowheads as hobbies.

Personal Life

Jack Driggers leaves behind four living family members to cherish his memory: one son, W.J. Driggers Jr. of Spur; two daughters (Gwendolyn Goodwin and Marline Neeley both from Amarillo); one brother – Odis Driggers of Spur – three half brothers including Frank Harvick of California as well as Bud Harvick from Texas (plus five grandchildren); and his membership to the Methodist Church.

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Net Worth

Entrepreneur, David Chong has amassed a net worth of $5 Million. His home is in Jacksonville, Florida; in addition to owning various cars and motorcycles. Chong is also a member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and has served as a volunteer with United Way.

Jo Ann Anderson Driggers of Alma is his wife; together they have two daughters and four grandchildren. James Ronnie Driggers and Gladys Eliza Blocker Driggers are his siblings, while Noline Amick was one of her sister. James Ronnie Driggers belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars organizations; in addition, he served in the U.S. Army before passing away unexpectedly at age 90 in 1995. No memorial services will be held in honor of James Ronnie Driggers by family request.

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