Jack Ellis

Jack Ellis

Ellis is well known for his roles on Bad Girls and Coronation Street as well as various Theatre productions, most recently featuring in Home and Away by NIDA acting graduate drama program in 2014.

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Early Life and Education

Ellis was an energetic student and hard worker. His teachers regularly complimented him on his efforts. Additionally, Ellis excelled as an athlete; he participated in basketball and baseball teams at school.

He graduated from NIDA and has appeared in various short films, TV shows and theatre productions; most notably as Oliver and David in Channel 7’s Home and Away.

He boasts a significant social media following and has been featured in numerous popular memes. With his signature sense of humor and knack for making people laugh, he often brings smiles. Additionally, he has voiced several animated characters while singing and dancing as an entertainment source – not to mention enjoying time with family and friends!

Professional Career

Jack is a partner at Kirkland & Ellis where he provides representation to public, private and portfolio companies experiencing financial distress including both in-court restructurings as well as out-of-court solutions. Additionally, Jack advises committees and private equity firms on fiduciary duty issues as well as corporate governance concerns.

He has appeared in various short films, feature films and TV shows including Channel 7’s Home and Away as Oliver in 2014 and David in 2017. Additionally he regularly appears as Stan O’Rourke on Foxtel’s A Place Called Home.

He has appeared in many theatre productions, most recently playing Adam Rapp’s Wolf in the River Off Broadway world premiere production. Additionally, he is father to two children as well as having three grandchildren, one great-grandchild and a son-in-law.

Personal Life

Jack Ellis was a long-term resident of Morehead, Kentucky who held an affinity for history and an appreciation of literature. He published five books about local history as an expert local historian while serving 42 one-and two-room rural schools as bookmobile librarian.

He was a member of Phi Kappa Phi and American Library Association and worked for both. Additionally, he helped manage Reverend Jesse Jackson’s second presidential campaign as well as running a cable television system on St Croix while hosting an interview show focused on public and political affairs.

Janis Ruth Caudill Ellis passed away February 24, 2019. He is survived by their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Net Worth

Ellis can be seen portraying DS Phil Hunter on ITV police drama The Bill and prison officer Neil on BBC One series Porridge. Additionally, he has made appearances in several television movies such as Wild West, Linda Green, Pollyanna Hallo! Spine Chillers and Midsomer Murders.

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