Jack Erickson

Jack Erickson

Jack Erickson is a behavioral health therapist who specializes in working with older adults. He provides individual and group therapy sessions to aid recovery processes while offering case management services to reintegrate his patients back into their homes and communities.

Erickson starts slowly but quickly picks up steam near its midpoint. He demonstrates a good understanding of story arc and knows how to build momentum for an engaging read.

Early Life and Education

Erickson attended Drake University in Des Moines after graduation, competing in track relays and playing the trombone while joining a fraternity and dating a cheerleader. He majored in liberal arts but considered pre-med as his specialty field of study.

Erickson spent much of his childhood immersed in reading. From history and science books, to literature and languages – Erickson was fascinated by human psychology and how people could be led down such dark paths.

In the early 1970s, he pioneered a revolutionary method of extracting logs from forests: heli-logging. Since then, his company has grown to own one of the world’s largest fleet of Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane helicopters; some are named after prominent Native Americans such as Geronimo, Toro Seduto, and Cochise; their Instagram-worthy designs draw considerable attention wherever they travel – they’re especially fast when transporting logs over long distances by ferry flights!

Professional Career

Jack Erickson has had an array of professional experiences: logging, magazine publishing, Russian specialist for the U.S Government, speechwriting and being a lawyer (among many other things). Additionally, he worked as a financial aid counselor.

Erickson began his logging career with his family’s business in 1954, operating Caterpillar and Log Loader machines as well as harvesting timber in the Pacific Northwest. Later he established Erickson Lumber Company, with sawmills in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

He spent his free time fishing, racing his 210 and windsurfing, as well as serving as strength and conditioning coach for UVA’s football team. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology from UVA.

Achievement and Honors

Jack Erickson enjoys reading books across all genres and enjoys mysteries as they allow him to understand human motivation and rationality – especially crime as often a rational response to problems.

Erickson serves on the Aerospace Industries Association Technical Operations Council Executive Committee and as executive sponsor for Northrop Grumman’s African American Task Group. She also sits on the Michigan State University Foundation Advisory Board.

Hill-Murray senior goaltender Jack Erickson earned the Herb Brooks Award at the Minnesota State High School League’s boys hockey state tournament, honoring the legacy of legendary St. Paul coach Herb Brooks who made an indelible mark on Minnesota hockey and beyond.

Personal Life

Jack Erickson enjoys traveling, golfing and skiing. In his free time he likes to spend time with family and friends – especially helping out those in need – has a good sense of humor, is an outstanding cook, and provides great services to others in need.

He credits one of his trips to Milan as the source of inspiration for his Italy-themed thriller trilogy, particularly his experiences at Stazione Centrale railway station as being “lightning bolt-inducing”.

He was an avid reader, subscribing to various newspapers and magazines. Additionally, he held an interest in military history, enjoying collecting guns and swords as well as possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of lyrics from the Great American Songbook era – something which fascinated him greatly.

Net Worth

Erickson enjoys exploring remote corners of the globe during his free time. His travels have taken him to China’s Zhongnanhai leadership compound, multiple nations’ military bases near the Korean Demilitarized Zone and remote hinterlands in Pakistan’s Khber Pakhtunkhwa province.

He also enjoys astronomy and golf; having won several tournaments including PGA Tour’s Champions Tour event in 2003.

Erickson Inc is an acclaimed helicopter company known for original equipment manufacturing (OEM), maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), aerial services and aerial asset management (ASM). According to its founder, its employees act like an incredible sports team displaying company colors proudly while upholding company culture with great dedication – even going so far as referring to themselves as “bad asses.” With 50+ years of experience behind them.

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