Jack Fairchild

Jack Fairchild

Jack Fairchild is an esteemed expert in fire protection engineering who strives to quickly resolve client issues in an effective and timely fashion.

He is a member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and regularly attends industry conferences. Additionally, he acts as a mentor to junior engineers.

Early Life and Education

Jack Fairchild grew up in Duluth, Minnesota with his mother, three brothers, aunts, uncles, and grandmother in an environment that valued education and hard work. He attended Hartley Field and spent summers skating Tischer Creek.

He attended the University of Illinois, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. Soon after graduation, he started work at Centralab in Milwaukee.

He worked at Galis Manufacturing in Beckley, West Virginia where he played an instrumental role in developing mine equipment for coal mining. Later, he founded Fairchild International which manufactures shearer-type miners and continuous haulage systems as well as exporting mining machine parts. Furthermore, he belongs to Anchor Hocking retirement community as well as Light House Baptist Church.

Professional Career

Jack Fairchild was driven to excel academically by his parents’ commitment to education, yet they limited his participation in extracurricular activities and job hunting – they never permitted him to get one either! But, to go around their rules he found a solution by starting his own tutoring business.

From 1962 to 1974 he served on Butler Research and Engineering staff before being named president of Digirad Inc in 1975 and listing in Marquis Who’s Who as a semiconductor company executive.

Mr. Butler worked as a researcher for Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory before founding Butler Research and Engineering Inc in 1984. Additionally, he currently acts as both consultant and board member at University of Arizona.

Achievement and Honors

In 1980, he created the 16-piece soul, blues and R&B powerhouse The Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks Showband & All-Star Revue. Additionally, he served on the boards of directors of both Bank of Raleigh and Flat Top Lake Association.

Morgan Fairchild has become well-known for her roles as vixen-like characters on shows such as Falcon Crest and Flamingo Road. Additionally, she has appeared in TV movies as well as making regular appearances in Search for Tomorrow soap opera.

She is an honorary member of the American Guild of Television and Radio Artists and serves on its Executive Committee, Commercials Contracts Committee, and SAG-AFTRA Relations Committee. Recently, WWD magazine honored her for her enduring influence in fashion by awarding her with their John B. Fairchild Honor award.

Personal Life

Morgan Fairchild is best known for her roles on series such as Falcon Crest and Flamingo Road. Additionally, she frequently makes guest appearances on Two and a Half Men, Roseanne, Cybill as well as being on the board of SAG-AFTRA.

Cathryn Hartt is her younger sister who also works in acting. They were married from 1967-1973 until divorcing.

She is a proud grandmother to three grandchildren and loves traveling, golfing, poker and parties as well as her two heavenly dogs Tag and Shep. Additionally, she’s an avid football fan – her team being Dallas Cowboys. In her free time she enjoys reading Vanity Fair and TheWrap publications and contributing regularly as an author and editor.

Net Worth

Patsy Ann McClenny, later known by her adopted name Morgan Fairchild, was born in Dallas on February 3rd 1950 to parents Patsy and Cathryn McClenny and took up acting at an early age, landing her first on-screen role on Search For Tomorrow as the psychopathically unpredictable Jennifer Pace from 1973 – 1977.

She also appeared in other shows such as North and South miniseries. At 73 years old, she still looks stunning; maintaining her good looks with an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

Calmes was also responsible for creating and running Syncrolite, a lighting equivalent of Showco. Calmes retired as president of this company in 1980; during their marriage from 1967 until they divorced three years later in 1973.

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