Jack Fitzsimmons

Jack Fitzsimmons

Jack spends much of his free time watching sports teams such as the Wahoos and Nationals!

His passion for magic and sideshow combined to form one-of-a-kind shows, which he tours around the world performing. He loves engaging with viewers while sharing tales from his life experiences.

Early Life and Education

Early in his life, he worked as a butcher’s delivery boy, carriage painter and striker at an iron foundry. Later on he apprenticed himself into his father’s blacksmith forge alongside Jarrett; this helped develop his upper body muscles – particularly arms and shoulders.

He worked in a brewery where he perfected his sense of taste, creating his own beer to drink himself. Travel was his passion; meeting new people, cooking delicious meals for others and hosting parties were among his favourite pastimes. Additionally, he enjoyed watching both Washington Nationals and Redskins games with great interest.

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Professional Career

Fitzsimmons held various public health positions throughout his professional career, such as expanded immunization program management and vaccine supply chain roles at World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – supporting national immunization programs as they worked toward global public health goals such as eradicating polio and measles/rubella elimination.

After retiring from law practice, Fitzsimmons moved to Sun Lakes in Arizona where he enjoyed softball, tennis, golf and pickleball – activities in which he participated with Cottonwood Tennis Club, PVMGA, community events as well as his passion for his family; especially spending time with grandchildren. He is survived by Rita Claire Desmond Fitzsimmons whom he was married for 51 years; five sons/daughters-in-law (including former NBC Sports anchor Brian and Kathryn), as well as wife Rita Claire Desmond Fitzsimmons; five sons/daughters-in-law; all five of whom are former/daughters-in-law to him.

Achievement and Honors

Fitzsimmons fought Jeffries again and was severely battered; so much so, that Fitzsimmons begged the referee to stop the bout but was eventually knocked out by Jeffries himself.

Fitzsimmons was honored to be honored with both Missouri Sports Hall of Fame and National Junior College Athletic Hall of Fame honors for coaching the Moberly Junior College team to 224 victories and two National Championship titles during his time coaching them.

Fitzsimmons found great joy in his later years by spending time with family, friends and traveling across northern Europe and Australia. In addition, he enjoyed cooking for parties hosted at his home as well as watching Minnesota Twins baseball games on television. A member of Waseca VFW and Sacred Heart Church in Waseca MN. Betty Fitzsimmons survived him; children Patricia Helming, John and Erin Fitzsimmons as well as Debbie Schmitt and Sherrie Reese; 11 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren

Personal Life

Jack loves spending time with family and friends, especially his Wahoos and Nationals fans! Additionally, he enjoys golfing and reading for leisure.

He has also written several books related to Meath, such as one on thatched cottages. His contributions are widely recognized for being significant pieces of Irish history.

Jack Fitzsimmons is highly engaged with viewers via social media, interacting with viewers on Facebook and Twitter regularly and always eager to hear from anyone with story ideas or inquiries – you can reach him by email too. 239 MyHeritage DNA test takers claim descent from him – find out if you’re among them!

Net Worth

At 48, he boasts an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million, amassing it primarily from his Ice Hockey playing career.

Jack and his wife enjoyed traveling extensively throughout Europe, Australia, and New Zealand – with Ireland being their favorite spot. Additionally, Jack enjoyed spending time at his summer home on Whidbey Island. Jack was a member of both Sacred Heart Church and Waseca American Legion.

He was extremely devoted to his family and is survived by daughter Sharon Fitzsimmons, son John Fitzsimmons, stepson Mike Bjerke, daughter-in-law Patricia Helming, grandson Chase and granddaughter Hailey as well as their respective families and his brothers Richard, Bill and Jim. He will also be missed dearly.

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