Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow

Jacks shorts are ideal for hiking and biking as they’re made from long-wearing material that stretches to meet specific demands – meaning that even with frequent wear and washing they will retain their shape.

Jack Link’s is offering limited edition “jerkified cargo” shorts to commemorate National Park Week; these Jargo Shorts can be found for $63 on its website.

Early Life and Education

Jack was born into a Cranston, Rhode Island family that took advantage of the GI Bill – an education benefit offered to war veterans – to further their education. His father served in World War II before returning home as a city janitor who provided his family with stability through hard work and provided them with shelter from stormy skies.

As part of his Chancellor Chase football scholarship studies at New York University, he spent his summer sailing before developing an interest for writing during this period.

Jack made her acting debut as Virginia Burgess in Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s production of The Story of a Patriot on March 30, 1957 and it remains one of the longest-running films ever. This dramatization captures colonist sentiments and conflicts during the months preceding Revolutionary War.

Professional Career

Jack eventually secured employment with the semi-pro Fremont Green Sox of Ohio State League, quickly becoming known for his bench-clearing fist fights and numerous practical jokes. Additionally, his baseball talent earned him an invitation to tryout with Cincinnati Reds.

Cargo shorts have become the star of fashion trend “gorpcore,” an outdoor-oriented subculture characterized by utilitarian and functional clothing and gear. To honor Earth Day and National Park Week, meat company Jack Link’s has unveiled their version dubbed Jargo Shorts which feature 20 pockets designed to store slim protein-packed meat snacks while hiking the wilderness. Each limited-edition pair sells for $63 and comes complete with an annual pass to all U.S. national parks and plenty of jerky!

Achievement and Honors

Jack was an award-winning Vietnam Veteran who was actively involved with several veterans associations. Additionally, he was an avid outdoorsman and bicyclist.

Jack Link’s is proud to introduce their “jerkified shorts” as part of Earth Day and National Parks Week celebrations, featuring over 20 pockets to store its famous meat snacks as well as a yearlong pass worth over $80 to all U.S. national parks.

Jack is also active in his community, providing writing and literature sessions for students both online and in person*, talks for professional associations and conferences tailored specifically to their needs, advocating for outdoor adventures and encouraging random acts of kindness.

Personal Life

Jack was a highly regarded student at Choate, a private boarding school for teenage boys. He excelled at sports – particularly football – and had an active social life, engaging with everyone at Choate. Jack was an adept conversationalist; even his Head Master would praise his intelligence and individualism.

High school was an unstable time for him, where relationships could often prove challenging. He would fall deeply in love with a girl and spend weeks or even months leaving flowers on her car in the morning or writing her letters that could rival Shakespeare’s sonnets; only for that person to suddenly distance herself from him as quickly.

Jill and Meg entered his Government class, determined to break Jack up with Katie. For weeks now they had been planning this plot against them, and it was time for action.

Net Worth

Jack Harlow has only been in the rap game for about 10 years but he’s already made an impressionful statement about himself. With over 180,000 subscribers on YouTube and estimated annual ad revenues estimated to exceed $1.2 Million ad revenues as well as massive merchandise sales figures, Jack has quickly made himself known in his field.

Jack and his father appeared on Shark Tank to secure a $50,000 investment for 10% stake of their lemonade stand business, Jack’s Stands. Since then, this business has expanded significantly by partnering with local youth organizations and opening more locations; additionally, TeenHustl offers hyperlocal delivery service which has led to significant valuation growth – currently it stands at over $1 Million!

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