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Interesting Facts About Jack Haydon Langer

Whether you are an avid fan of the movie franchise ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or just looking for some interesting movie facts, there are a few things you will find interesting about Jack Haydon Langer. You can learn about his childhood and how he got started in the movie industry, as well as learn about his marriage to actress Allison Joy Langer.

A.J. Langer’s childhood

Getting an A+ in high school algebra may not have been your top of the line scholastic achievement, but it’s still one hell of a feat of brain power. That, and the fact that A.J. Langer was the only girl in her baseball little league. It was also the enlightenment of being the only one of her ilk to make it on to the varsity team. That is the first of many milestones that Langer has achieved in her illustrious career.

Getting a diploma from the GED program may be a bit of a pain in the neck, but that’s nothing compared to getting a degree from Harvard or Yale. Luckily, Langer got a chuckle or two along the way. In the ensuing years, she made it to the hallowed halls of fame and has since returned home to the UK to live with Charles Courtenay, the eldest son of the 19th Earl of Devon. She also makes her mark in the movie industry, where she has starred in several cult classics.

Acting career

AJ Langer is a 47 year old American Actress. She is best known for her role as Rayanne Graff in the 90’s television show ‘My So-Called Life’.

She has appeared in several other television shows such as Seinfeld and ‘The Wonder Years’. She has also appeared in movies such as ‘Meet the Deedles’ (1998) and ‘Escape from L.A.’ (1996). Her acting career began in 1991 with the television show ‘Drexell’s Class’.

She had been an audiologist and mother before she stepped into the world of television. Her first major break came with the television show ‘Drexell’s class’ in 1991. She had a few guest roles on other television shows and was eventually cast in a recurring role on ABC’s ‘The Wonder Years’.

She was born in Columbus, Ohio. Her father was a fashion salesman and her mother was an audiologist. A fibromyalgia disorder has plagued her throughout her life. This has caused her to raise funds for research to find a cure for the disorder. She has also appeared on the television shows ‘Baywatch’, ‘Private Practice’, and ‘Baywatch: The Series’.

Marriage to Allison Joy Langer

AJ Langer is a former Hollywood actress. Her most famous role was Rayanne Graff on My So-Called Life. She’s also appeared in films such as Escape from L.A., and has guest-starred on numerous television shows. Her most recent role is as Erica Warner on Private Practice.

Langer was born in Columbus, Ohio, and moved to the San Fernando Valley at age five. She began her acting career in California. Her mother runs a hearing aid distribution company. Her father is a fashion salesman.

In 1991, Langer landed her first big television role in ‘Drexell’s Class’, which was broadcast by Fox. She also made appearances on ‘The Wonder Years’ and ‘In the Heat of the Night’. Her most memorable role was in ‘My So-Called Life’, which aired for just one 19-episode season.

Langer married attorney Charles Courtenay in 2004. They have two children together. They plan to move to Powderham Castle in Devon, England. She is also intent on giving the castle a modern facelift. She has plans to retire there.


AJ Langer is an actress and a fibromyalgia activist. She has been raising awareness and fundraising for fibromyalgia research for many years. She is the wife of attorney Charles Courtenay and has two children with him. She plans to move to Powderham Castle in Devon, England after retiring.

Langer made her TV debut in the 1991 series ‘Drexell’s Class’. She then starred in ‘Meet the Deedles’ (1998) and ‘Escape from L.A.’ (1996). After ‘My So-Called Life’, she had less prolific roles, although she still had guest appearances on numerous TV shows. She also had a recurring role on ‘The Wonder Years’.

Langer is married to attorney Charles Courtenay, the son of the 18th Earl of Devon. Charles Peregrine Courtenay is now known as Lord Courtenay. He is also a barrister for Latham & Watkins in Los Angeles. The couple have two children together, Joscelyn Skye Langer and Jack Haydon Langer Courtenay.

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